Thank You New Jersey

The New Jersey Nets came to town and essentially played one half of basketball.  It was the type of night off the Celtics REALLY needed.  So I thought it would be appropriate to thank them.

Dear New Jersey Nets,

I wanted to thank you for helping the Celtics.  I know you’ve been watching your division rivals struggle lately.  You probably saw what we saw:  a sluggish team that struggled with the things they had done well for a long time.  So we all really appreciate you rolling over and dying in the second half.  The chance to rest our starters is really huge right now.

Rajon Rondo won round 1 against Devin Harris… which was a huge help.  But stopping Harris is a team effort because limiting him to 3 assists requires everyone to else to cut off their guys.

Quick update on Eddie House.  He rolled his ankle, but he’ll be OK.

And the latest round of blogger MVP/ROY voting is out.  OJ Mayo is leading the ROY voting, and LeBron is easily the MVP.  No Celtics made the top 10, but a few got votes.

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4 Responses

  1. Three wins are three wins.

    Still, tough getting too excited about TOR and NJ

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  3. Also a big thank you to San Antonio last night. Love to see the Lakers drop a game.

  4. Celtics can only play who is on their schedule.

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