Two Great Examples of Kobe’s Douchiness*

We’ve been laying off the Lakers and Kobe for a few weeks now. In large part because they’ve been winning and the Celtics have been losing. But we just can’t let Kobe Bryant slide on his latest transgressions.

First, we’ll start with his blatant rip-off of Sam Cassell’s “big balls” dance after making a go-ahead 3 pointer during last night’s game against the Spurs. Too bad the dance was premature, thanks to Roger Mason’s game winner.

But even worse, is news that Mr. Bryant will soon be charging a $50 subscription fee for his web site.

This economy has hit all of us hard. And if you want to survive, you need to treat your assets as a business. You never know when that $30 million a year is going to suddenly vanish into nothing. I mean, that’s not really that much more than the average American family makes, you know? Plus, Kobe loves Cheesecake Factory. Do you know how much that costs?

Kobe Bryant. King Douchebag of the NBA.

*this word officially trademarked by John.


34 Responses

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me about the subscription fee. What a greedy bastard.

    Did anyone see him take out his anger over his team’s horrible D on the towel boy last night? What a douche.

  2. Can’t believe it took you guys all day to post this…your slipping…

    I think of him as the NBA’s Manny…just Kobe being Kobe…

    By the way… that “big balls” move was first seen at Norwood court by Sassafrass in 1990, after he drained one in your Rec-specs…

    Go Lakers

  3. Whys Bynum’s hand in the air the entire time?

    “Put me in Coach, I want to play in the end of the game!”

  4. I am always amused and bemused by our fans’ Kobe bashing. I like Kobe. Other than KG, I don’t know any other player in any other sport as dedicated and hard-working as he is. Guy’s got everything a man could want, but he is in there fighting in every game, every time. Takes it personally and never quits, even when he screws up. You gotta respect that kind of intensity. It was, after all, KG’s extra-terrestrial version of that that made me love the Celtics in the first place.

  5. yea but its hard to like a complete douchebag even when he does have a work ethic

  6. So by your logic DRJ we should all not hate Scott Boras because he is an extremely hard worker?

    Chuck called a spade a spade, Kobe is a douche.

  7. Hilarious. Love how Kobe ignored Vlad’s hi five then sidestepped the bump.

  8. why havent the c’s explored a scal and giddens for raja bell deal

  9. No argument about Boras, MikeO. He’s more than a douchebag. He’s the douche effluent. (Nice image there, eh….)

  10. Yeah, I actually dont see anything wrong with what he did, it was just the sam cassell move….which sam did last year in san antonio by the way…I thought one minute he was joyous and the next minute he was knocking the towel boy around..pure comedy….
    Anyways the funniest part is Andew Bynum keeping his arms rasied like the lakers just won the championship…kids a dope

  11. earth to andrew bynum: no you did not just win the championship you can put your hands down now you dope

  12. And lets not forget about Kobe’s reaction after Fisher fouled Mason. A true “leader” doesnt show disgust for their teammates mistakes on the floor like that.

    Kobe and the Douchey Laker fans deserve each other.

  13. It figures that a team with Rondo has an obsession with feminine products…

  14. …is the current World Champion? Just helped you finishing your sentence inferno :D

  15. The SOB got away with one. How can anyone cheer for this guy? Cheer for your team, yes, but WEAR his jersey?

    Read this article and you be the judge:

  16. That was pretty weak inferno.

    Hey.. how’d that college bowl pool end up going for ya?

  17. hahaha how do you bash on kobes clutch shot that could of won the game if it werent for derek fisher. I swear this site is pathetic, lakers lost a tight game IN san antonio and you guys make an article about it? worry about your own team, when the celtics lost 3 in a row, i promise you there was not an article about the celtics on lakersnation or any other lakers fan site.Miko kobe had every intention of being mad, the guy carried the team at the end, mad GREAT plays and fisher fucked it all up against a rival team. you guys are using this loss as a cover up for the celtics loss to the, bobcats,knicks,cavs. Get over, write about YOUR team.

  18. Andrew has THREE fingers raised, after Kobe hit that three. He doesn’t have it raised like the Lakers won. Watch his hand closely at 0:36…three fingers.

    And this loss was bound to happen. Mason or Ginobili were bound to kill us, 12 seconds, too much time. It’s the Lakers fault, they decide to play defense late in games.

  19. …and Dom lol, the Celtics actually lost FOUR in a row, not 3. =D

  20. Why are you so concerned with what we do? If you don’t like it, get the fuck off our site. Sure as hell seems like you’re around here a lot.

  21. Oh christ, here they come trolling again. You laker retards need to stop drinking the Kobe kool-aid and just admit that he is a huge fucking prick.

    I’m going to charge my fans $50 to read my blog. I’m going to change my # to 24 so my fans have to shell out more $$$ to get my new jersey. I’m going to stick it in this girl even though she said no. I’m going to throw my team and management under the bus because I am unhappy that I am on a shitty team even though they put all their weight behind me by trading the most dominant center to ever play the game because I was jealous of him.

    That piece of shit Rat even threw Shaq under the bus when he was getting questioned by the police in Colorado saying he should of just paid the woman off like Diesel does.

    You people are fucking pathetic and deserve to root for a piece of shit like him. Stick to your sites.

  22. – I happen to know the guy who deals with Kobe’s website… Kobe does not make these decisions.
    – Nobody knows the truth of what happened with that girl in the hotel room.
    – Shaq was already a slow, overweight ridiculopathy when the Lakers traded him, and they were right to do it (Shaq is possibly the biggest jerk in the NBA, btw).
    – And last but not at all least — you cannot win these ridiculous troll battles. And one good rule in life is not to fight the battles you can’t win.
    – Hey Lakers fans — some of us respect (some of) the Lakers. We don’t particularly like them, but they are worthy opponents. Kobe, Trevor, Derek… they’re ok in my book… they bring it to every game. Pau’s a pussy, and so, obviously, is Sascha (he tweezes his eyebrows ferchissakes… how can you live with THAT?), and Odom is worthless… but they’re a solid team, one whose butt we thoroughly enjoyed kicking, and probably will again. If the Lakers didn’t exist there would have been no 39 point championship blowout last year, and… we’d have to beat a really tough team this year, like the Spurs or Hornets. So, we are grateful for the Lakers and wish them well in (most of) their future endeavors. Please make it to the Finals again.

  23. What a douche!

  24. The post was weak…so was my response…

    I got destroyed in that Bowl Pool…from in the money to see ya next year in the blink of an eye! Made some bold moves…didn’t pay off…I feel like the Yankees…

    Eagles -Steelers SB…the all PA classic…can’t wait…if its

    Cards-Ravens I’ll be watching Kung Fu Panda drunk.

    Go Lakers.

  25. DRJ…your alright…my respect for you has grown…sarcastic, yet fair and pensive…just not sure why a Celtic fan would use the name DRJ??? Even if you ARE a doctor and name begins with J…it just doesn’t feel right…

    Go Lakers

  26. Mike O nailed it. Someone should post that under Kobe Bryant on wikipedia.

  27. Start your own site then so you can say whatever the hell you want. His site, his rules.

  28. Yep… I’m deleting posts. And Yep… they’re all Laker fan posts.

    You don’t get the simple fact that Mike gets: This is our site… we make the rules.

  29. YEAAAAAAAAAAH! You tell ’em! You closetCelticsfan you!

  30. How do I get one of these cool Icons next to my name when I post?

    Lakers lost at home to the Magic. I guess we wont be seeing any LA posers on here for a few days.

  31. Not true Mike O…fair is fair…we need a win…Kobe has hit a potential game winner in 3 of 4 games…we needed it last night …didn’t get it.

    Kobe needs to step up again and stop the slide…

    …and lets be real, our slide is against two first place teams, not the Warriors and Bobcats…

    Go Lakers

  32. Yeah you can call the “big balls” dance douchy, but it’s true…For years, he’s been making game winners. He made the same shot the night before to win against Houston, and that shot would have probably won them the game if certain mistakes weren’t made. And you people who keep bringing up Kobe’s sexual assault accusation are pathetic…How is that relevant to anything today?

  33. and his shot against the pacers.

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