Watch Lucky Tonight

Lucky will be on Conan tonight… doing Lord knows what.   But if you’re heading out tonight and getting hammered (or if you’re like me and doing it at home…… alone….. in the dark…… sigh) then it might be a funny thing to watch after you stumble home.

Get ready for some new Celtics Now promos on Comcast SportsNet.  Here’s a preview shot which includes a couple of dancers.  Looks good… now if only their promos weren’t 10 times louder (or quieter) than the audio in the game broadcast.  Hey guys, check your levels, huh?

So Paul Pierce is Superman… Brian Scalabrine is Aquaman… and Rajon Rondo is the son of Plastic Man?

And finally, we’re going to do another live blog on Saturday for the matinee in New Jersey.  The first one went well… so we’re doing it again.


3 Responses

  1. Ray Allen is Green Arrow
    Leon Powe is Son Gokou
    Kendrick Perkins is Perkcules

    Kobe bryant is lex luthor, Sasha vujajic is bugs bunny

  2. Defs is Mr. Mxyzptlk…I’ll admit I needed help with the spelling, but you know who I’m talking about…now I’m about to say your name backwards…

    Go Lakers

  3. A married friend of mine with three kids came up with a little term for drinking alone while your family is home and everyone is out getting drunk in bars pubs house parties. “House Drunk” It really describes that alone feeling, watching sports center with a stack of beers in front of you. The worst part is taking to the trash can and you can barely hold them all

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