I… Love… WALKER!

Boston Globe Photo

Boston Globe Photo

Dueling Bill Walker stories today in the Herald and Globe.  Here’s the quote that should make every single one of us permanent Bill Walker fans:

“Only the strong survive. This is a man’s game. You want something, you have to go out there and take it. That’s my mentality. [Defense] is the only way you’re going to stay out there on the court. [Rivers] could have easily just let me sit there. That was a way of just saying I’m thankful to be out there. I’m going to keep on working, stay humble, and try to help out. I didn’t know all the inbounding plays. But it was still fun.”

How do you NOT love this kid?

Here’s the Wyc Grousbeck interview from the second quarter of the Nets game.  I dig Wyc.  He acts like a fan… but not in a bad Mark Cuban way.  He’ll talk a little trash, he’ll be (or sound) honest about things.  He just seems about as down to earth as a mega-rich pro sport team owner can be.

Enterprise News:  Scal steps in, gives  C’s a lift |  Patriot Ledger:  Scal remains first team player |  Metro:  Scal provides a spark |  TrueHoop:  The world needs more dunk gimmicksCavs lose to BullsDelonte fractures wrist |  SI:  5 things about Minnesota’s 5-1 start to 2009


10 Responses

  1. Delonte took a wicked fall last night. Says he’s going to be out a few weeks….these injuries will catch up to Cleveland. Now is the time to get back the top spot in the east.

  2. You should make a SUPER TRUTH shirt.

  3. Orlando getting 3.5 against the Fakers tonight.

    Who you guys like? No way Gasol or Bynum can bang with Howard…and the Magic have been shooting lights out (Reddick, Lewis and Turk)

  4. Thanks! A fan-tastic 30 minutes.

  5. Celtics can pick up a game on orlando or la tonight they play each other and a special thanks to the bulls for beating the cavs in overtime last night cleveland looked tired.I also like brian starting instead of perk he opens up the floor with his 3s perk dosent.

  6. “Sky Walker” is saying the right things for sure. He needs a lot more playing time so he can back it up his words. Seems like a solid kid.

    What’s next? At Jersey (The Swamp) should be a W for us and I am really looking forward to Monday’s double dip. Suns @ C’s followed by HGH23 vs. Kobi24. Get your beers and hot wings ready.

  7. Delonte will probably be out a month (broke his wrist). They also said Lebron has some kind of cold (and he looked beat). Plus they have to play the Hornets tonight in a back-to-back. You’re right, looks like the Cavs are going to come down to earth now.

    Walker is the real deal. (I think JR is too, which we’ll soon see.) Here’s hoping we never have to see Tony Allen on the court again.

  8. I agree – Lets hope the Cavs get in a slump. If we look back at Ainge’s GM moves over the summer I will have to give him a C – (Losing Posey, Signing T. Allen, POB, and keeping Sammy on the bench) are all below average moves. Drafting Walker and Giddens were okay we don’t really know yet. On the other hand money is tight and its all tied down with the big 3. So what do I know.

  9. Can we start working him into the rotation on a regular basis?

  10. Let’s Give Jersey #8 to walker

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