An Execution

The Celtics leveled the Nets….again. They lead this one 68-39 at the half and ended up winning 105-85. This game was over in the first five minutes as the Celts surged ahead 18-2.

They had 28 assists on 36 baskets. Rondo nearly had a triple double in 28 minutes – 8 pts, 9 reb, 14 assists.

Box Score | Recap

Let’s win the next 3 (Phoenix, Miami and Orlando) and regain our rightful spot atop the NBA.


12 Responses

  1. Didn’t they have 20 assists on 25 first-half field goals? That was nuts.

  2. Nice blow out win today – Starters need the rest got bigger fish to fry next week.

    Since we are at the half way mark lets see what the match ups will be if the season ended today.

    Cleveland vs. NJ
    Orlando vs. Mil
    Boston vs. Miami
    Atlanta vs. Detroit

    LAL vs. Dall
    Denver vs. Houston
    San A vs. Utah
    New O vs. Portland

  3. well fsantos, since you are already talking predictions, i got my predictions figured out already. it’s going to be a cleveland and spurs finals once again. sorry guys, but the celtics and lakers haven’t shown me enough to convince me that there will be a rematch. the lakers don’t play any defense and the celtics bench is ridiculously underachieving. better luck next year in resuming the rivalry.

  4. I actually love these games when we are blowing people out because its allowing our bench to grow. The more minutes they get the better they become, it happened last year and it will happen again if we can continue to blow teams out by the end of the first half. That way we can throw bench players in with starters and see who can build chemistry. Im not worried about the cavs in a seven came series. They are really really good, but my heart is where it is and its never going to tell me they will beat us.

  5. MJ’s Takin-it-in-the-assador…Now THAT’s funny.

  6. Yo Mj its not a prediction – Go look at the standings its accurate playoff match ups if the season ended today. Don’t trip Mj your Bulls still has a chance to creep up – lots more games to play. Maybe we can settle this if we meet in the first round. As for your prediction Cleveland vs. Spurs Final? I respect that because “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”- kg.

  7. Lol – U were right about Devin Harris – poor dude hardly played! Maybe Vince came round for some sugar too??

  8. evidently, you respect my prediction, but you don’t agree with it. why not? spurs have won 4 championships, and if we look at their championship trend, this is a championship year for them. they have manu, which takes the spurs to a higher level. they have roger mason jr. and george hill, which seem better role players than any role players the celtics have. with all their players healthy, they can play better defense than anyone in this league. the lakers and the celtics got lucky last year that manu was injured, or else the lakers would have lost in the western conference finals and the celtics would have lost in the finals to the spurs. cleveland is my other choice because they have been playing great. they already made it to the finals before, and that was before lebron had a consistent sidekick like williams. they nearly beat the celtics last year without williams, and they just seem to be playing better basketball than the celtics. why not cleveland? right now, they are the better team in the east. so tell me, are my predictions that illogical?

    ok, what are your predictions now that you disagree? you really think the lakers are going to make it to the finals playing the crappy defense that they play? even the celtics defense has been subpar as of late, and you combine that with the poor bench, how can they make it out of the east? enlighten me, because i don’t see the light for either the celtics or lakers.

  9. Spurs won’t have enough gas in the tank to run with the Lakers in a seven game series. They may have more heart but not enough legs. Spurs, Hornets and Nuggets (Bib-Bib-Bib-Billups) should give LAL a run for the money but it won’t be enough.

    On the East its gotten a lot tougher than last year. Cavs, Orlando and Atlanta will be very hard to deal with especially if we don’t have home court advantage. I do agree with you about our bench being on the lite side. I have said it many times if Danny Ainge doesn’t pick up some help to fill the holes (Missing Posey and PJ) we may come up short. We need another proven shooter and rebounder for us to go deep in the playoffs. Our Defense will turn around sooner or later. The one stat sticks out is Celts lead the NBA in most turnovers – I don’t think a championship team would lead in the T.O. department if they want to win a title. Overall its too early to predict the finals match up. Derrick Rose ain’t bad I will give you that – What’s your projection on your Bulls in the next two years?

  10. the bulls will be fine. derrick rose is quite a talent. you can build a team around him. the bulls didn’t have a go to player that can lead this young team. luol deng and ben gordon just don’t cut it. you can’t expect to build a franchise around those type of players. by bringing in derrick rose, the bulls have overcome that issue. now they have a true leader, a player you can build a franchise with. they just have to continue to add more pieces to the puzzle to improve the team.

    i am expecting them to make the playoffs next year. i don’t know if they will make it this year. as you said before, the east is getting tougher. it’s only because of that reason that i wouldn’t be surprised that they don’t make the playoffs next year either. but by getting derrick rose, the bulls have tackled a major issue that they needed to overcome in order to get back on track.

  11. We tried to get lucky in the draft too but we weren’t as lucky as you were. Lottery history and Celtics just don’t mix. (Bais, Duncan, Oden, & Durant) I think Rose is the Franchise player and everyone else is expandable especially Hughes and Gooden but it will be tough to move the big contracts. Good luck in time but our time is Now! It all depends on what Ainge’s vision is for the men in green. We don’t have many more years left with this big 3 unit so we have to win this year and next year then we have to start over. It is what it is C’s fans are trying to enjoy this time until the wheels falls off. We’ve been waiting for 22 years for a title. We got our wish last year and with the right business transactions and personnel moves we may still be contending for a title.

  12. You just reminded me….. Thank God we didn’t end up with Oden or Durant.

    @ MJ… The Spurs barely got past New Orleans in the second round last year. And who’s to say that Manu won’t go down with another injury, he misses a lot of time. I think it’s unlikely that they make it out of the west….. if the season ended today they would have to go through Phoenix, Denver, and @LA.
    The only problem I see with Cleveland is injuries. We’re already seeing it, Delonte, Big Z… Moe Williams and Ben Wallace will certainly miss games at some point. But the biggest thing with the Cavs is that all it takes is for Lebron to go down for just 2 games in the playoffs, and they are done. Their hopes center around him so much, that they could not survive without him for even just 2 games. Whereas if Allen, Pierce, or even Garnett went down for a couple games, the Celtics could stay afloat.
    The other thing is that Orlando very well could end up with the first seed in the East. They just went out west and beat SA, LAL, and Den… the three best teams in the west. That came right after giving Atlanta an absolute beatdown. If they come up with the number 1 seed, then Cleveland loses their home court, and will have to face Boston in the 2nd round. Even if they survive Boston (doubtful) how much will they have left to go to Orlando and win a long series and then beat the winner of the West…. I don’t see it happening.

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