Watch Out For Vince

Got this weird feeling (I’m amazed I’m feeling anything with this damn weather – it’s a balmy -7 this morning in God’s country) that Vince Carter might go off on the C’s today. He’s been struggling – 18 points on 5-of-24 shooting in the past two games. But if the Celts play their game, like they did on Wednesday night, it really won’t matter because they can beat anybody with that defensive intensity and offensive rhythm.

The schedule gets a bit tougher next week: Phoenix (Monday), Miami (Wednesday) and Orlando (Thursday). Maybe it’s time for everyone to start taking the Magic seriously, especially after last night’s win in LA. Jameer Nelson, Dwight Howard and Co. dropped 65 points in the second half against the Lakers.

Guess who was sitting in the second row at the Lakers game? Stephon Marbury.

“Jeanie (Buss) and I are really cool,” Marbury said. “She invited me to come to the game. I wanted to come before, too. I want to be around it, I miss it.”

Marbury is living in Los Angeles, working out at a facility in Manhattan Beach and hiking in Runyan Canyon near Hollywood. But there’s also no correlation, Marbury said, between his attendance Friday and the Lakers recent injury woes in the backcourt.

“No, there isn’t a correlation,” he said. “I gotta get out of my deal before I can do anything else.”

Apparently, Marbury is willing to give back $1 million, while the Knicks want $3 million of his $20+ million salary. Get the deal done Steph. We have a seat for you on our bench.

Here’s the latest on the Celtics injuries:

  • Eddie House (ankle) practiced at full speed on Friday and expects to play
  • Tony Allen (ankle) did not make the trip to NJ and could be out another week
  • Perk also stayed back in Boston, Doc might hold him out a few more games too

And there will be a Live Blog for today’s game. Come back at 12:30pm.

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