New Rondo Wallpaper


We love Rondo… so we thought it would be only fitting to make a new Rondo wallpaper.  Click on the above image for 1024 x 768.  

Below is the 800 x 600:


And here’s the 640 x 480



7 Responses

  1. Looks like I got my new wallpaper.

  2. I’m sure this will be the rage in Provincetown and Frisco…

  3. Ah… the gay joke… a staple for Lakers fans everywhere.

    Seriously. I think 99% of the Lakers fans who have visited us have made some sort of gay joke. Pathetic. Really pathetic.

  4. C’mon Redsarmy…if the Lakers had any player remotely “questionable” he would be the butt of numerous posts and blogs…Rondo is a bad hairdo away from Andy Dick!

    Was your use of “staple” with “Laker” a deliberate play on words, or are you just sublime?

    Go Cards!

  5. We aint got any guys named “sasha” on our team…..

  6. i need a 1280 x 800 :[

  7. More like half a rebound from averaging a triple double through the playoffs … LA will fold just like they did last year. They have no heart as a team.

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