Rondo’s Dunk


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  1. More reports saying that a marbury buyout is close and he is coming to the C’s


  2. Where’d you hear that? I saw something on that the Knicks put some $ on the table, but that was it. So Shaq played 25 mins. today vs Toronto. Doesn’t that mean that he’ll sit tomorrow.

  3. At this point, as long as he has a good attitude, I’m not opposed to Marbury joining the team. It would help in a lot of ways. For one, it would allow Eddie to become more of the spot-up shooter that he is; he’s not a ball handler. It would also open up the floor for us. Marbury can definitely handle the rock and pass the ball.

  4. Look, the Marbury thing can’t hurt us. Scott is right, we need someone else to bring the ball up so House can spot up when and where he needs to. I don’t like Marbury at all, and never have, but I seriously can’t see how he could hurt us. The Big Three won’t let him destroy the lockerroom chemistry, and if he becomes a pain in the ass we can drop him or bench him. We really need a big or two, though.

  5. Yeah, I’m actually OK with Marbury coming off our bench now (and this is after the C’s have righted the ship, not during panic time). But we still need a true big off the bench….ZO! I also hear Brad Miller and Shawn Marion are on the trading block. Not getting my hopes up for the Matrix, but Miller would be a very servicable veteran-he has a nice jump shot and some size with starting playoff experience.

  6. miller has too big of contract no way the C’s could match up

  7. interesting point about Shaq. Doesn’t sit out the second of back to back games? We might dodge a bullet

  8. Yes to the Shaq thing, he will most likely sit tomorrow if he played today.

    and also, where did you hear more of these marbury reports? if you could link that would be great and I am all for him coming here. We could use that boost of scoring from the bench, it couldn’t hurt

  9. Double P, go to and the story is in the “Truth and Rumors” link on the front page. (left-hand side)

  10. Oh yeah, on Marbury..You have to take the chance. Imagine how many open looks this will free up for Eddie House on the 2nd unit..!? Defenses will have to respect Starbury’s outside range AND they will collapse on him when he penetrates freeing up easy dunks and layups for Baby, Powe or a healthy T.A. Marbury’s behavior doesn’t scare me-Doc and Ainge will not tolerate that bs-they’ll send him back to Coney Island in a heartbeat…

  11. Rondo has had a couple of emphatic dunks. Read more about Rondo here:

  12. Marbury could hurt us if his presence interferes with Gabe’s playing time, slowing down his development. Gabe’s got a great calm attitude, works hard, handles the ball, passes, shoots, plays D. Just needs a little more experience. Marbury is a big question mark. Never was a great player anyway. But if he’s coming, I think Danny and Doc will know how to handle him, however it goes.

    Agree that we definitely a big… POB is not ready, and doesn’t look like he will be in time.

  13. I agree J- Joe Smith would be a much better situation…

  14. The question is, if he IS coming, who is getting cut??? SamIam?

  15. Probably Pruitt or O’Bryant..or Giddens…

  16. Giddens has a guaranteed contract, no way he gets cut. The most logical cut would be Sam or O’Bryant. He is a lost cause.

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