This Is Why Ray’s Hot


When the Celtics offense is REALLY humming, Ray Allen is really scoring.  In the Celtics funk, Ray was ice cold.  In the past 5 games, he’s been really hot.  And I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but the past 5 games have also involved a lot more 2-point shots than he usually takes.

Ray’s still taking his 3’s, but he’s doing a great job of penetrating and getting himself going with 10-15 footers.  Early in games, he’s passing up the 3’s and driving past defenders.  He’s 11-17 from inside the free-throw line, and 18-27 inside the 3 point line over the past 5 games.  And when he does this early, he’s setting his defender up to open up space for 3’s later in the game.

Ray is seen as a pure shooter, but he still has the ability to get past a defender who is overplaying the jumper.  He’s getting the feel early and scoring in bunches.  Then when the defender has to respect the drive, he gets just enough space to get a clean look from 3.  It’s a little adjustment in Ray’s game that has allowed him, and the Celtics, to get hot again.

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7 Responses

  1. you hit the nail on the head.!!rays outside shooting is the key to the c’s….he drives early on which sets up the outside shot later…and when he’s hitting there are no long rebounds for the opposing team..which opens up the inside in the second half..

  2. Great analysis…Donny Marshall was talking about Ray’s ability as a “scorer” vs him being a “shooter” in the post game. Ray can penetrate and score…but sometimes he gets too dependent on the 3s.

  3. Why would you post a hotspots image from the first week of the season? It’s January. Get your stuff together.

  4. Take a closer look…. it says LAST 5 GAMES. I’m making a point about the LAST 5 GAMES.

    Get YOUR stuff together.

  5. Wait, what? Where did “first week of the season” come from?

    First week of the season Ray was not hot. Where did that even come from?

  6. Can we start banning people a la Deadspin for stupid posts?

  7. I missed that. If wordpress let you edit your comments I would have deleted it.

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