Are We Playing NJ Again?

Holy crap – the Celtics are kicking the crap out of the Suns. They are doing everything right. Phoenix might set a record for most turnovers and offensive fouls in a game. Celtics up 64-34 at the half.


8 Responses

  1. I turned on the TV and thought I might need to get my eye’s checked because I did not htink we would have a 30 point lead on the Suns! Wow!

  2. How about Perk swallowing that orange during Doc’s halftime speech? How about leaving that stuff for the guys who are breaking a sweat? Too funny….

  3. Dude… he had like 5 pounds of orange wedges there.

    I definitely have to get a screen grab of that.

  4. Team gets a little rest in the schedule and they play better.

  5. Who mashed Nash?

  6. that’s a “file photo”

  7. Yo big mack, I saw the same thing. Perk was pounding on that Orange. Damn Perk couldn’t he waited until after the half time speech to go Tropicana in the locker room LOL

  8. Definitely need a screen shot of the Beast and the orange

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