The All Star Jerseys

Apparently… these things are hi-tech (a.k.a. “ugly”) From Men’s Fitness:

Together, the jersey and shorts are 31% lighter than the typical NBA uniform. Before, layers of twill were sewn together, bogging down the garment. Now added elements, like conference names and player numbers, are bonded on with a heated glue. From a comfort standpoint, the jerseys are tighter fitting and the seams are heat welded, not sewn. That means better mobility and less abrasion for players inside the uniforms.

Yeah… when I think of NBA uniforms… I’m always thinking “why do they make those guys wear those heavy things?  Although, this innovation is cool:

League rules state that jerseys must stay tucked in at all times. The gripper elastic waistband keeps the jersey in place, giving players one less thing to worry about “in the heat of battle.”


5 Responses

  1. “Ugly” is right – The jersey design looks like graphics from an Atari game back in the 80’s.

  2. blech

  3. You’re right with the Atari thing…but since when are designs comparable to Atari games such a bad call? I want to wear those things and shoot some friggin astroids NOW!

  4. i guess i don’t mind them, because as far as i’m concerned, they are galaxies (Galaga reference) away from the ambiguously AWFUL jerseys they wore last year.

    who was the GENIUS that came up with the idea of having one side of the jersey a solid color, and the opposite side white…?….and then some other BRANIAC came along and was like “ohhh wait, we can alternate the color scheme for the two teams!!!”…ridiculous. for example:
    say an East player (blue front/white back) rebounds and looks up court to start a fast break. in front of him, he sees 2 of his teammates running with their back to him (white) and 3 of the West players (white front/gold back) facing him up (white)… i really hope the innovator behind that uniform disgrace was abruptly fired

  5. looks like the Heat vs. the Jazz to me

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