The Nudist Is At It Again

rosenCeltics-hater and assumed-nudist Charley Rosen is at it again… this time as he hands out his “mid term grades.”

BOSTON tried to run a marathon like it was a sprint. Anyway, their frontcourt subs are still too short, and if James Posey is sorely missed already, wait until the playoffs arrive. Grade: C-minus

The Celtics are 33-9 and they get a C-minus?  Orlando and Cleveland are A-plusses and the Lakers are a B.  So compared to them the Celtics, who again are tied for the league lead in wins with 33, are a C-minus.

What’s the logic there?


6 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine what kind of moron signed this guy

  2. Not to defend him, but read the article and it clearly states that he is not comparing teams to each other.
    Also, a “C” means a team is right where it should be. Higher means over achieving and lower well you get the idea…

    Based upon this assumption, I would say we are a “C-“. I think a few tweaks and we would be right where we are supposed to be. Younger stars playing better. Older starters trying to get more rest. The bench needs to improve, but that has been our down side since we lost Posey any way.

  3. Oh, and the Lakers have definitely exceeded from what they were last year, right?

    Seriously, who the hell hired this jackass?

  4. I disagree with his grade C- (I would give a B-) but there’s some truth about missing posey and a short front line. Like I said before Celtics has to pick up a shooter and a taller rebounder by end of Feb or else we will feel the power shortage in a seven game series. Looking at his picture makes me want to barff – John and Chuck please don’t post his picture anymore.

  5. It doesn’t make any sense. If it is true that the Celtics’ frontcourt players are short and that Posey is missed, well, they were even before the season started, so we should be led to think they exceeded expectations.
    But why am I trying to figure out the mind of a man who wrote that Dave Cowens was hated by the rest of the NBA, when the truth is he was the league’s MVP when the players were voting? You would not vote for somebody you hate…
    Rosen is really…. a nudist.

  6. wow, the celtics are the most higly criticized 9 loss team after 40+ games of all time…its absolutely hilarious/pathetic… I hear people write them off after one loss but teams with 15+ losses already dont even get harsh criticism and are considered still in the hunt

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