Mmmm… Oranges


The best part of last night’s game, by far, was the 15 second peek into the Celtics locker room just before the second half started.  We were treated to Kendrick Perkins in street clothes, eating half an orange grove while Doc spoke.


I mean… look at that pile of orange wedges!!  I’m not exaggerating when I say there must have pile of what used to be 4 or 5 oranges there.   I wish I was in the locker room for that half time.

Perk:  “Mmm… oranges”
Training Assistant:  “um… Mr. Perk… that’s our only bowl.”
Perk:  “so?”
Scalabrine:  “so weak… need… orange wedge…. for…. energy”
Perk:  ” ain’t none left… just this bowl here for me.
KG:  “ooh… orange wedges… can I have some?”
Perk:  “sure… here you go”
Scal (crawling):  “But I’m so weak.  I don’t… usually… play this many minutes”
Perk:  “ain’t none left”

9 Responses

  1. I love how Perks not even trying to hide the fact he’s eating the oranges. He’s like the closest one to Doc.

  2. Perk fears no man

  3. Call Dole and sign the sponsor. Where are the soccer moms with the Capri Suns? Orange wedges?

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  5. Anyone catch the Cavs game last night…?

    Go Lakers

  6. They actually helped us last night. Thanks LA!

  7. I had a feeling Lakers would win. Cavs have alot of injuries.

  8. Yeah for maybe the first time in my life I found myself rooting for LA

  9. Well, it was the Gasol and Kobe show last night. I thought Cavs D’ would hold the Lakers off but they weren’t up to par. Instead Lakers D’ kicked into gear in the 4th. HGH23 was trying too hard to impress and lost his focus – Also Lebron was flopping all the time trying to get foul calls. For Kobe dislocating his finger and get the win has to be a huge confidence builder. (Savu and Odom annoy the F’ out of me)

    We have our hands full in the next two road games (Back to Back) vs. Miami and Orlando. Its never too early every game counts, let the race for home court advantage continue.

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