More Kobe Douchiness

The most arrogant professional athlete on the planet thinks he could play football for his beloved Eagles:

“I’d be a wide receiver,” said the 6-6, 205-pound Kobe Bryant. “I’d be a bad (man) too.  No more red zone issue,” he explained. “Just throw it over the top. I’m (Randy) Mossin’ it.”

Just what the Eagles need….another version of Terrell Owens. Seriously, does Kobe’s douchiness ever end?

After the jump…one guy who would love to knock his head off.


57 Responses

  1. DouchinKobe might be able to catch and run well but he won’t be able to absorb a hit. Love to see him come across the field and get knocked the F*** out by a Safety.

  2. Hey, new to this site. Hahahaha kobe douchiness. Hilarious

  3. That would very easily make my week.

  4. as1084, take it elsewhere. The fact that we crushed the Suns has been covered today so why not bring more evidence to the table that Kobe “Massengill” Bryant is a monster douche? I, for one, love it and even more than that love seeing Laker fans throw a hissy fit every time he is ripped on.

  5. I guess that Kobe is royalty ;-)

  6. I pulled his comment.

    I swear… I wish real fishing was this easy. Every time we throw up another Kobe post, another Laker troll shows himself and gets thrown into the filter.


    Thankfully, Kobe keeps doing douchy things to make it easy.

  7. Welcome CFanGreenWhite – Hey John and Chuck lets celebrate and welcome a new member with another Kobe Duchiness Post.

  8. I would love to see Kobe try to get back up after Rodney H laid a hit on him. He would hang up his panty hose after the first game.

  9. Redsarmy, you pulled his comments – LOL!

  10. Oops… here is the direct link

  11. What… a… douche!!!

  12. I think every celtics fan needs to see the Daniel Tosh stand up DVD and wait for his rant on Kobe. Its the funniest minute in a half of your life. I tried finding the clip on youtube to post on here but its not on there.

  13. Have you ever seen or felt a finger dislocation? Lemme tell you, it HURTS… like hell. Kobe played 3.5 quarters after dislocating the ring finger on his shooting hand. What the fuck is wrong with you people? The guy is tough as nails, and though I am a huge Cs fan, I respect Kobe as the great and super-tough player he is. Ok, he may have a bit of a personality issue here and there… but picking on some joke he cracked as if he were serious should be beneath a true-green Celtics fan.

    We should treat Kobe like Shaq treats the Green.

  14. DRJ….the thing is, he was serious. He’s delusional like that. Are you sure you’re a Celtics fan?

    No one is saying he isn’t great…he’s just a complete and utter douche. Plain and simple. There really is no way around it.

  15. Alright…questioning your C’s fan-hood is probably a little uncalled for…I apologize for that. But Kobe is definitely a douche.

  16. K-douche is an amazing athlete but a self-centered me-first douchebag. Could have one more titles but always puts HIS needs above all else. A Hall of Fame douchebag if you will.

  17. I just think that playing as he did after dislocating a finger on his shooting hand (and winning the game, btw) says a lot about his character. And that’s a hard fact, not some nebulous opinion based on what he might or might not have done in the past. I know I would not tape it up and go play… I’d get the x-ray first. It takes serious dedication and toughness to do what he did. And, I think, character. I was surprised, but there it was.

  18. It’s your opinion that it says something about his character. To me, it just says he’s competitive…we know that. Still a douche. Just a competitive one.

  19. These videos are must see for anyone who knows anything about Kobe!

  20. That’s the difference between pierce and Kobe. Kobe would have taken it upon himself to refer to himself as superman where as with pierce the compliment came from his teammate and one of the best power forwards of all time.

    He also got his nickname, the truth, not from staying up late trying to think of something that bad ass but got it from from shaq. Kobe on the other hand took it upon himself to coin his nick name the black mamba, which by the way is one of the worst names I have ever heard.

  21. oh cmon, he called himself the best player in the NBA

  22. Yea, he did. He just won the NBA finals MVP so it’s tough to argue that he wasn’t at that point.

  23. Kobe bitches to the refs constantly and he thinks he can handle a far more physical sport, hah. I’d love to see him come accross the middle against the Patriots defense that’s all I’m saying.

  24. Ummm.Sucko..Sako..whatever..why are you even here? Are you a closet C’s fan? Secret crush? I know it hurts, just embrace it though. And no disrespect, but what kind of Celtic’s fan calls himself Dr J…? I don’t post as M.Ivaroni or MCooper. C’mon dude!

  25. I think a lot of guys play through little things like banged up fingers, and sore ankles etc. Gary Payton was playing a few years ago with a herniated disc in his back. Now that really hurts. That’s some toughness.

  26. Yeah I’m sorry but a dislocated finger to a guy who gets the best medical attention money can buy really isn’t as big of a deal as it’s cracked up to be. People completely over exaggerate small injuries that are played through as this insane toughness that nobody else posseses. Good for him to play with it but I mean anyone could have done that…


    GO F******* CELTICS!!!!!

  28. @KobeWearsAPurpleThong
    no im an LA and my name Sako. and im pretty sure this is a Celtics site, not a lets bash Kobe site. stick to your own team. dont ride Kobe’s cock and mention every little thing he says you obsessed pricks.

  29. Ha ha ha. What’s up, Boston? I’m from L.A. and I will never deny Kobe’s greatness.

    But even I question Kobe’s personality. It’s just not very likable.

  30. To the guy who questions my name — it’s not my problem that about HALF A CENTURY AGO some basketball player called himself Dr J and sometimes played against the Celtics. What are you, nuts? I am not a Celtics FANATIC. I am a fan… I’m a fan of the Celtics for almost the same reason I appreciate Kobe’s dedication and toughness… I loved how the Cs won with a ragtag bench and WITHOUT the best players in the game. That they won with teamwork and selflessness and hard work. All of which is still happening today.

    And before Kobe dislocated his finger — and btw, you guys obviously don’t understand how painful that is, and you don’t understand that it often comes with a fracture — I watched him in the Finals. In game 6, when he would lose the ball (which happened quite a few times)… he never sulked, he never complained… he instantly jumped and ran to play defense, every time… and he never quit, kept fighting even when it was pretty hopeless. That guy is an absolute professional and a tough, tough competitor, and sorry, but I respect that, as I said, for pretty much the same reason I love the Celtics.

    Anyway gentlemen, I do not believe the Lakers are our biggest problem this year. This year, the toughest part will be winning the East. I believe that if we get there, winning the Finals will be the easier part. But beating the Cavs and/or Magic… that will be our challenge. So not only are you wrong to put Kobe down, you’re also wasting your time.

  31. I can’t stand the Lakers

  32. Anybody who questions Kobe’s skill, athleticism, drive, competitiveness, or toughness on the court hasn’t really watched him play. I don’t think RedsArmy has ever indicated otherwise.
    That being said…he’s still a douche, and fun to make fun of. He is arrogant, self-aggrandizing, and petty off the court. And his “hey I’m just one of the guys” schtick is always outshown by his “I’ve always been wealthy, I grew up in Italy, I’m above the law” attitude.
    That’s what makes him, well…douchey.

  33. Well, I don’t know the guy, so I can’t speak to his personal douchiness. Maybe it’s pretty high after all, who the hell knows. But I suspect nobody else here knows him either…… He sure was fun to beat last year, though :)

  34. Doc Hardwood is right. We never say Kobe sucks. He’s clearly a perennial MVP candidate and 1st ballot hall of famer. But he’s still an arrogant douchebag.

  35. As much of a Celtics fan that I am, you can’t really talk about Kobes douchiness without mentioning a few of our own. Like the above mentioned poster Sako or whatever, KG’s superman statement and that theme song he sang what pretty douchy, lol I’m not rippin on them cuz they are my team but still it was kinda like, I wish u didnt do that KG. Another would be Pierce faking that injury in Game 1 of the Finals. He took it too far, I wish he didnt, but whatever its still my team, my pride. Kobe has his moments too. We all know what kobe is capable of. I was rooting for him to bring the Olympic Gold to our great country, and without him stepping up we wouldve gotten a lousy silver.

  36. Character is sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room then buying your wife a big diamond.

  37. I don’t see how KG singing the Superman thing is douchy. He’s paying Paul a compliment by saying he became Superman and carried the team. How is that anything besides complimentary?

    And for bazillionth time…. Paul Pierce did not fake an injury. That makes absolutely zero sense. Why would a guy… in his first Finals game… do that? For some kind of emotional lift?

    That’s by far the DUMBEST theory on earth.

    putting a guy who might have a knee injury in a wheelchair is common practice. The only difference this time is that there was a camera there.

    This is the absolute last time I’m tolerating the Paul faked an injury talk. You should be ashamed of yourself for believing it.

  38. I was told once Character is what you do or how you act when no one is around…

    Thus Kobe Raping a girl, or Giving himself the worst nickname in the History of nickname.. “The Black Mamba”. Nicknames are given to you out of respect, you don’t give yourself a nickname, thats some 10yr old shit.

  39. DRJ is the most annoying celtics poster around, he overreacts completely to each single game and is now sitting here typing about how tough Kobe is…wow kid

  40. Look, that KG Superman theme was one of the funniest and light-hearted moments we’ve seen this season. Paul was awesome that game and KG was paying him a compliment. When he was asked which superhero he was, he demurred and said he’d be anything we wanted him to be. Douchiness factor: zero.
    As for Paul’s knee, he twisted it and hyper-extended it. It hurt like hell, and as a precaution he was wheeled out. He didn’t ask for the wheelchair. When he found he could put weight on it and move laterally, he came back in. End of story.
    Kobe remains a douche.

  41. You guys have every right to bust on Kobe as much and to whatever degree you wish its YOUR site…however…

    If you aspire to be recognized as a professional site and respected by journalists and major media (which some blogs are) this is not the method to build respectability…if you want to remain a troll-destination and a cute, local farce, then keep putting the word Douche in your headlines…it immediately discounts the intelligent -although myopic- commentary you guys are capable of…

    Pejorative commentary is healthy and can be done with tact and a degree of sophistication – I certainly don’t profess I hold to these standards on every occaision, but I don’t run a blog…don’t have to- even printing the “word” DOUCHINESS seems both perverse and childish, but what do I know…I’m a douchey Laker fan…

    Go Douchers!

  42. Hmmm….I think inferno is a little bitter. This is what makes this site so great! A “cute local farce”? Well, what the fuck are you doing on here almost every day then?

  43. Inferno likes to toe the line. In one comment, he’s getting on us for not intelligent… in the next he’s making Rondo gay jokes.

    You’re right, though. It’s our site. Let’s see if our approach gets us any attention beyond “cute local farce”.

  44. And just to address the whole “respected by journalists” thing…

    We’re here for our readers. Our readership has been rising very regularly since day 1. Journalists can respect us or not… I don’t care. This blog isn’t being written so I can impress Marc Spears or Steve Bulpett (just randomly naming local writers)… it’s written to entertain and inform Celtics fans. So if a mainstream writer or site doesn’t like what we do… then they can go screw for all I care.

  45. You know what, I hate to admit it but inferno is right. “another example of Kobe being a self important F*ckstick” may have been more professional.

    Bryant has great athletic talent but as a man he is sorely lacking. Its why so many people enjoy watching him stomp on his crank over and over. There are lots a players on other teams you love to see miss a shot, but in the end you respect them, they are doing what they do for their team. Kobe is only in it for K-douche.

  46. Just wanna say…
    CelticPrideDntMess08 is messing with us… he’s a rabid Lakers fan, obviously. No other kind of creature would bring up PP’s Game 1 injury as a fake. Funny how they pretend to be Cs fans just to post here.
    Ok, so while I don’t believe Kobe’s a douche, I do believe many of his fans — certainly the disguised fakers that come here — are.

  47. We are respected…for speaking our minds. Everyone in the media outside of LA and Bristol knows Kobe is a douche, except they can’t call him on it. Luckily, we can.

  48. DRJ… you are probably right.

  49. inferno show some respect for John and Chuck

  50. I know a couple of laker diehards that stopped supporting the fakers after his rape in CO and when Bussy bent over backwards for him. The number one reason is because they have young kids and didn’t want Kdouchy as their hero. Gained even more respect from me.

    As a big C’s fan in soCal (pre ’06) who had to endure their championships and could not avoid his douchebaggery exploits on any given day in the media there is no question in my mind what a classless self-serving prick he is. I can’t think of a bigger douche than him given his talent.

    And to the knucklehead who was trying to bring KG into the douche discussion–screw you, i doubt you’re a true fan. KG for all his greatness remains humble and all about the team. With K-douche, its news he’s doing things with his teammates after practice. Maybe some of the douchiness blame can be laid at papajellybean’s feet but the majority of it is unquestionably from within.

    HOF MVP Douchebag — Kobe

  51. I feel your pain celtified – I live in NorCal all my friends are either Lakers and Warriors fan. Thanks to Redsarmy Celtic fans all across the U.S. can come on this site to exchange thoughts.

  52. Ouch…that 24 year old clip of one of only two non-finals appearances in the 80’s really stung…

    I do toe the line Red…and I do appreciate your intelligent commentary and I often applaud you guys for it…as for the Rondo gay stuff…I believe if you look at my statements, most of my jokes have been off the cuff and/or acting as the punchline to an article, blog or post…I don’t believe I’ve ever written “Rondo likes Perkins c@c& up his a$$…that would be akin to “Kobe is a douche”…

    I don’t care what ESP…er, um I mean Bristol thinks of this site…I like it.

    Keep it classy Boston!

    Go Lakers

  53. Just curious inferno – How long have you been a Laker fan? Your top five Laker and Celtic players?

  54. IT’S BEEN 30 MINS Inferno..still thinking..? Or still Googling “Lakers players not named Kobe…..”

  55. Are you idiots serious!?

    Sorry guys Lost is coming on…got my priorities, not to mention a wife and kids…but to appease my fans…

    Although I never had the pleasure of seeing them live, West & Baylor were timeless pure basketball…

    Top 5 I saw play…not in order…Kareem, Big Game James, Rambis, Coop/Scott (can’t decide) and …the greatest player of all time…Magic…

    Top 5 Celtics I love to hate…again, guys like Cousy and Russell, speechless, but I didn’t see them in my time…in no order…McHale, DJ, ML Carr (gotta love the towel), Pierce (yes, i do respect his game that much) and the second greatest ever…Larry Legend…

    You will note that Kobe although the greatest of today and Shaq the most dominant of our time are not on my list…basketball today is too easy, those teams were just better and deeper…

    I’ve been a die-hard Laker fan for over 30 years and for almost 25 of those years, long before this site was created, BigMck and I butted heads repeatedly over the same topics, different era…back then I thought Ainge was gay…but i’m not wrong about Rondo…and damn it you guys know it too!

    Go Lakers…since ’77

  56. “Appease my fans” – LOL – Don’t let your Ego burst in flames inferno. I’ve been die hard Celts fan since 84 (Strong year) Back then I thought Michael Thompson liked it from the back door but I know Savu is a switch hitter and you know it too.
    Thanks for your Laker resume we’ll keep it in our files.

  57. afdasdf

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