Rick Barry vs LeBron James

Rick Barry – one of the NBA’s all-time great scorers and master of the between-the-legs free throw – has some words for LeBron James:

“He’s got major flaws in his game,” Barry said. “He’s six years into the NBA. How can a man six years into the NBA with his talent have a major flaw in his shot? How can he not use screens effectively? . . . I watch the game very carefully, he doesn’t use screens effectively and this is not LeBron’s fault. It’s the fault of the people who are teaching him. . . . there is no doubt in my mind that LeBron, if shown these things would do them, because he wants to be a great player, he wants to win a championship. As great as he is, he should be better.”

Take that – King James.

Did you know Rick has 13 sons all of whom played pro ball? Scooter, Jon, Brent, Drew, Greg, Peter, Bobby, Arnold, Willis, Ponch, Theo, Potzie and Chachi.


10 Responses

  1. Haha do I hear another he’s stupid retort coming? Barry is right though. The over reliance on athleticism and inability (or reluctance) to count to 3 are among the other flaws that drive me crazy about Lebron.

  2. Can’t shoot free throws either.

  3. What team does Barry coach for? Ouch.

  4. Hey ,the kid in the ad about saving dance on the right of the web page kind of looks like Eddie House’s kid.

    Is he an actor?? haha

  5. Owned.

  6. Im sure hes biased against anyone who isnt a great jumpshooter…what annoys me about Lebron is how he overreacts when barely fouled, screams aand whines at the refs, flops on the ground grabbing his face like he got punched…obnoxious

  7. I’m with you on that Travis. I think Varejao’s flopping is rubbing off. He knows he’s going to get calls his way and he’d be dumb not to take advantage of that but you’re right, the overacting is annoying.

  8. I’m with you guys too. Lebron checks to make sure all his teeth are still there every time he misses a shot. If he does not get the call he gets upset, but it seems to miraculously heal his mouth.

  9. Exactly what I’ve been waiting to read! Finally someone pokes holes in the “Lebron is the next MJ” balloon.

    Honestly, dude should have went to at least two years of college. Imagine what Coach K or Roy Williams could have taught him?

  10. another fan and myself had the conversation who we hate more kobe or lebron. he said kobe. i said lebron. the main reason being because of the way like you guys said that lebron acts after any missed shot or no call.. granted all the good guys do it to get their calls but queen james is the worst…. i still hate kobe as well

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