Rondo Getting All Fake-y

I love the move… but I wonder where people think he’s going with the ball?


6 Responses

  1. I love the old skool fake behind the back pass – Its very effective to freeze the D’ and bam see you later 2 pts. Rondo’s development is still in progress – I wish he would be more confident in his Jumper especially on the Road. He seems a lot more comfortable shooting J’s at home. Hey John when do you think Rondo will stop hesitating on his J’s? I think our C’s will unstoppable if Rondo can start hitting J’s.

  2. In the last clip, Rondo’s fake was in the direction of a shooter waiting in the wing… you can see the defender immediately moving to cover that wing guy. It’s an effective move he’s got there.

    I think the recent 2nd Nets game may have marked Rondo’s turning point with the jumper. He hit 2 of 3 in that game, and then a bunch more vs. the Suns… something he has not done all year. I think the coaches have been working on it with him, and we’re seeing the results now. We’ll know soon if it’s a real change… I think it is.

    But RR’s jumper is only 1/2 of what we need. The other is a reliable big, because Perk’s not likely to make it to the end of the season with that ridiculous shoulder of his.

  3. I know man Perk’s shoulder really concerns me. Its very fragile – All it takes is another defender slapping at his arm and he’ll re-injure it again. And yes I agree we need another big and a shooter. We can’t keep playing small ball and expect good results – so far so good but it ain’t going to fly in the playoffs.

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  5. He must’ve copped that from Magic Johnson’s special move from Lakers vs. Celtics and the NBA playoffs on Sega Genesis. Now if only he had learned Tom Chambers’ patented 2 handed dunk from the 3 point line . . .*

    * hopefully a couple of people know what I’m babbling about

  6. “Tom Chambers’ patented 2 handed dunk from the 3 point line . . .*

    * hopefully a couple of people know what I’m babbling about”

    Haha, awesome dude. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. He’d even float through a defender with those 24 foot, two-handed, double pump dunks!

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