Big Baby!!

Who thought Glen Davis was going to outplay Dwight Howard? Well it happened. Not only did Baby do a heckuva job guarding Howard, but he dropped 12 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter.

Howard (11 pts, 11 reb, 3 blks) was a non-factor. He fouled out after committing a stupid offensive foul with 2:30 left in the game.

The Truth also delivered – 44 minutes, 27 pts, 10 reb, 4 assists

Did Doug Collins know the Celtics were playing their 3rd game in four nights and the second of back-to-back games….on the road? Yet, he talked incessantly about this being Orlando’s first game in 5 days. I’ll take rusty over exhausted any day.

How about that Celtics’ defense? They held Orlando to 80 pts – 22 below their season average.

Celtics 90 – Magic 80 |Box Score | Recap


38 Responses

  1. Baby came through HUGE with those mid-range shots he drilled in the 4th. People forget when this kid was at LSU he had a hell of an offensive upside. Bring on the Mavs biotch! Peace out and gnite RedsArmy & CelticNation…..

  2. Solid defensive game for the Cs, who showed they can win one day on their 3s and the next day WITHOUT MAKING A SINGLE 3-POINTER all game long. Amazing. Big Baby was awesome, saved the game – I am forced to take back my negative opinions on him; now if he could only lose some weight… Turnovers were under control (though there were still 3 or 4 of them that could/should have been avoided), and energy was up. Excellent game overall.

    I dunno… playing like this — not spectacular by very solid, especially on D — Cs could win it all even without another big.


    Huge win tonight, very very satisfying. Gotta love the back-to-back wins in Florida and the dominating performance against Orlando, who had the best record in the NBA and had won 11 straight at home. Not anymore! Suck it all goddamn day, Turkoglu!

    I try not to complain about much. Who wants to hear it, anyway? I’ve got the attitude of gratitude, and I’m grateful for the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS!

  4. Calling all those who wanted Baby to stop taking those jumpers. Step up. Time to take your medicine.

  5. Forgot to mention how bad the refs were in this game. Blind fools… against both teams. It’s a love/hate thing for me with the NBA… hate the officiating ’cause it just SUCKS. Back in the day we probably didn’t know how bad it was, but now with Tivo we can see every mistake they make, and in games like this, it was every other whistle. It’s just so rotten.

  6. Yep, redsarmy… consider it taken.

  7. So how many times this year are national TV announcers going to just slight Byron Scott and tell everyone Doc was coach of the year last year. ESPN and now TNT announcers have done it, as did the Blazers announcers when the Celtics played them.

    Is there some other Coach of the Year award Doc won last year I don’t know about?

  8. Ahem, hello, my name is Jp and I am a Big baby hater. I watched the game with my dad who grew up watching the Dynasty, we spent the first half cringing and poking fun at big baby. While one game is not enough to win me over, I did tell my dad I’m gonna send BBD a box of donuts or something with a nice card.

  9. Hey JP, Im assuming you’re a Powe guy? well Glen is better than Leon, sorry to burst your bubble

  10. speaking of Powe, what happened to him? he seems lost these days under the rim and has lost both his ability to finish in tight spots and to get to the foul line. he seems buried in the rotation too, behind the likes of Scals and BBD. i miss you Leon, figure your shit out and get ready for the playoffs!

    that being said, i tip my hat off to Glen and his performance tonight, without of which i doubt we would be revelling in a victory. last night was Eddie and tonight was Davis, gotta respect the bench responding to recent (albeit deserved) criticism

  11. I love it … we now have “Powe” guys, and “Davis” guys ….. so let me guess Powe is your Ford …a brute …lunch pail guy …get his hands dirty. While Davis is your chevy ..the upstart you thought would never take out the big dog but is showing he has his place right along side him. i like the increase range with Davis, it’s a big help to the second unit and putting scal out there helps spread the floor…. they finally found a use for scal!! …. let’s see …pruitt …house …scal …davis* and ray or paul …. looks like 4.5 shooters out there ..looks good for the second unit

  12. Calling all those who wanted Baby to stop taking those jumpers. Step up. Time to take your medicine.
    redsarmy – January 22, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    done and done.

  13. Good win, gentlemen.

  14. Great game from the champs. Still confused by the heavy pressure on Pierce while he was waiting out the clock when they Ray waltz to the basket seconds before. Come on people did no one watch game 4?

  15. I’m not convinced that the Magic can hack it… Only team im really concerned about in the East is the Cavs

  16. Damn, Baby came up big tonight. He was draining all his J’s and did a fantastic job on Howard. His energy spread like wild fire. I was very proud of him tonight. As far as stepping up saying I don’t want Baby to take Jumpers. Well, I did say his jumper looks ugly and when contract talks come up we should keep Powe over Baby. Good too see some competition between Baby and Powe I hope its a positive thing so they can push each other to play better. Great win C’s!!! Getting ready for the Mavs Sunday on ABC! Peace out peeps

  17. I’m a Powe guy, and one good game for Big Baby doesn’t change my mind. I agree with Fsantos, sign Powe over big baby. Big Baby is too inconsistent. However, as long as both players are on the C’s I hope both play to their full potential.

  18. Granted Powe and Davis are both of similar size, they are really different players. Powe makes his living on the block and getting offensive rebounds where Baby creates a lot of his shots off the dribble and has the ability to drain the outside shot. Different games call for different players and I really hope Doc works to give Powe his confidence back because he was so huge for us down the stretch last season and especially in the finals.

    I was very impressed with Davis just taking it to Howard. He didnt have an ounce of fear working him in the post and showed a great touch around the rim.

    Huge win, lets keep the momentum going.

  19. I’ll be a man and admit I was one of many that thought Baby should stop taking the mid range jumpers and get his fat ass in the paint. He had one game where he was on, we need him to be consistent if he’s going to take those types of shots.. All I’m sayin is I think percentage wise KG,PP,RA all have a better chance of making that shot. With that said, I am happy that the reserves are stepping up. They probably are tired of hearing about how much the C’s need another “Big” and “Point” maybe that’s what we needed to light the fire under their ass. I also feel that Walker is hungry for some min as well, if he gets some minutes I don’t think he will disappoint!!
    Great game, if you guys didnt know already NOBODY wants the C’s to repeat anything positive they do is overlooked. If I were Doc I would show the team the half time show’s or even the highlights. All the “experts” want to talk about anything but the C’s.

  20. “All I’m sayin is I think percentage wise KG,PP,RA all have a better chance of making that shot.”

    Thanks, genius.

  21. “All I’m sayin is I think percentage wise KG,PP,RA all have a better chance of making that shot.”

    Hey “Scott” this was a dicussion others and I were having on the board a couple weeks ago so don’t come in on the ass end of the conversation with your smart ass remarks… ASS!!

  22. After the game Nelson said “even though we lost the game, we’re a good team. And I’m sure, they know we’re good”. I think otherwise – Celtics know that Orlando isn’t the threat for them in playoffs lol

  23. Someone has decided Leon Powe will not even get a sniff of the foul line.

  24. Powe guy all the way! Happy for Big baby a little competition never hurts.

  25. Can I like them both? I like them both. Why are we suddenly splitting into camps? They’re the same size, but they’re different players.

  26. Trust me we all like the both of them. Oaktown Powe and BBD!! BUT -I don’t think we can afford to sign both guys to an extension this is why we are breaking down their games and splitting camps. Put your Danny Ainge Hat on for a moment. Redsarmy, Which guy will you give an extension to if you can only keep one guy?

  27. I was the one who a few weeks back posted the comment during the 2-7 stretch that the KG injury last year may have been the best thing to happen to him, the reserve bigs and the team. And I argued a few months ago that Baby should keep shooting his jumper because he did it well in college. It started to look pretty bad during the losing streak but it looked damn good last night. Baby keeps playing like that he’s gonna earn a long-term deal.

  28. Baby’s game last night was like his game last year at Detroit. He completely stepped up and sealed the win. I can’t remember Powe stepping up like Baby has.

    I like them both. While Baby might be a little more inconsistent, I think his game has more upside, both offensively and defensively. Leon is more like Perk–a beast but limited on both ends of the floor.

  29. Hey Bill, did you not watch game 2 of the NBA finals last year? Powe absolutely manhandled the Lakers.

  30. I don’t remember it too well. From Wikipedia: Powe scored 21 points on 6–7 shooting in 15 minutes of play, including back-to-back dunks in the last minute of the 3rd quarter.

    Okay, point taken.

  31. Im with you Mike O, that game was awesome! Leon made the lakers look like parking cones with jerseys on. One of his dunks from that game is on the finals commercial they always play on comcast, it brings me back every time. I love it!

  32. “Pierce to Powe, Leon Powe!”

    Tattooed on my brain.

  33. Sometimes it not as simple as saying we’d rather have one of our better shooters taking those shots Baby hit last night. It’s that Dwight wasn’t going to stray far away from the paint so Baby was encouraged to take it when it swung over to him. Scals wasn’t hitting or he might have seen more minutes at center.

    As for Powe, he’s in a slump of sorts. I thought Tommy nailed it perfectly when he said (been saying) that he anticipates contact when he shoots instead of taking a shot to make it regardless of the contact.

    I’d love to keep both because it gives us situational advantages. Of course we still need that big to fill PJ’s shoes….what’s left?

  34. I like both but if it’s either or…… I’ll take Powe any day of the week. The guy doesn’t provide the comic relief BBD does, but he seems more dedicated and hard working. You don’t see KG knee deep in his ass trying to motivate him. He’s in a slump but he’ll work through it.

  35. sshady….I hope you visit this thread again because I’ve been here for months. Get over it. It was just kind of a obvious statement. Those three have a better chance at making that mid-range jumper than almost anyone in the league. It’s part of what makes them so good.

  36. My point being that what you said can’t be used as a reason for Big Baby not taking that shot. If he has an open mid-range jumper he should take it. I guarantee Doc would be pissed if he didn’t. He can make that shot, and you don’t pass up open shots that you can make.

  37. Scott…..point taken, I just wish he was more consistent thats all.

  38. Fair enough, man. Hopefully it will come in time.

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