“Vote Yi” Campaign Fails

Marc Spears of the Globe reports Kevin Garnett will be an All Star starter

Even with the backing of his homeland of China, New Jersey’s Yi Jianlian couldn’t beat out Boston’s Kevin Garnett for the final Eastern Conference All-Star spot.
According to an NBA source, The Boston Globe has learned that Garnett was named one of two Eastern Conference All-Star forwards. While Cleveland forward LeBron James is presumed to be the other starter, the rest of the starting lineups for both the Eastern and Western Conference All-Stars will be announced by TNT at 7 P.M. Garnett, who was the leading voters among all All-Stars last year, is averaging 16.1 points and 9.2 rebounds for the depending champion Celtics. The 2008 all-NBA first team selection was picked as an All-Star for the 12th time. Celtics Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo are Eastern Conference reserve candidates and the rest of the players will be named next Thursday.


10 Responses

  1. Thank god. The last thing I wanted to see was Yi making a fool of himself in the All-Star game. Obviously he doesn’t deserve to be there.

  2. Speaking of people who don’t deserve to there….

    And now the Western Conference team….starting at shooting guard….from the Houston Rockets……TRAAAAACY MCGRAAAAAADY!

  3. I’d rather the whole team stayed home and rested. I wonder how KG feels about that….

  4. I am obviously a huge Lakers fan and I am happy Yi didn’t make the starting team. That would’ve been ridiculous. KG deserves to be on there…

  5. Yi will be.

  6. I spit out my beer earlier and just now am calm enough to write about it did payton say he should have started over stockon in some allstar games say it ain’t so what a dumb@$$

  7. yes jester. And webber was bitchin that gugliota owned hi,.

  8. Payton’s a CLOWN! Dwight Howard just fouled out, and the C’s are BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BABY!

  9. Payton is just pissed that Rondo was actually winning the title he won in his second year. Payton hates him and doesn’t really make any effort to hide it. Bring back Chuck!

  10. GP has never gotten over that when he made overtures to Danny through his agent last year that he would be willing to come back, he was largely ignored. His hating on Rondo is making him look pathetic, and as a former part time Sonic fan who watched the glove when he was younger- I gotta say Rondo is a better defender. Maybe thats what is really eating GP.

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