We’ll Take Some Do-Overs Too

So President Obama got a do-over on his oath of office (which was a colossal flub).  And if a successful man like Barack Obama can get a do-over, then why can’t the Celtics?  I found a few that the C’s would like:

December 24, 1969:  Celtics coach Tommy Heinsohn, frustrated by guiding the Celtics through what many would consider a post-Bill Russell era rebuilding year, decides to start unheralded youngster Rich Neimann.  Neimann lives up to his career “per 36 minute” averages of almost 16 points and 13-plus rebounds and becomes the key “energy player” that helps carry the Celtics through the rough patch.  The surprise phenom helps ease the load on the team’s stars, John Havlicek and Don Nelson, as well as phenomenal rookie Jo Jo White.  The re-energize Celtics ride the Neimann wave to four more championships… which runs their streak to 17 straight.  The Celtics win in 1974 makes it 18.  The streak finally ends in 1975 when all other NBA teams threaten to quit.

Don’t worry C’s fans, I found a do-over for the Rick Pitino era too that I know you’ll like.

Herald:  House’s hot shooting saves CelticsRay Allen witnesses historyCeltics game a coming out party for Orlando |  Globe: Celtics win 6th straightHouse cleans up in 2ndRyan:  NBA leads this race |  Camerato:  Bill Walker committed to Boston | Sun Sentinel:  C’s defense smothers Heat | Bynum drops 40, Kobe nets triple double in win


4 Responses

  1. I don’t want to scoop your next Douchey post guys, but Kobe wants to replace Manny in LA now…he’s such a plague on our land…a strife on humanity…what a piece of human garbage…

    Sound about right guys…?

    Just so everyone understands where this hype about kobe playing other sports came from…reporters were asking him what he thought of LeBron’s new Browns commercial and if HE thought he could play another sport…so he made some comments he knew reporters would love…

    But forget about Kobe…wouldn’t Celtic nation love to have a 21 yr old center with the upside of Bynum…42 pts,15r and 3 blks…wow the future looks bright…he will definitely make a difference in beating the Cavs in the finals this year…

    Go Lakers

  2. 1 – No, seriously? IT WAS A JOKE?!?! WOW! Thank you soooo much for pointing that out to everyone. That takes quite the intelligence to see that, you must have an unreal grip on sarcasm!!

    2 – The baseball thing was mentioned yesterday, it’s not new news.

    3 – Wouldn’t Celtic nation love to have a 21 yr old center with the upside of Bynum? Well, maybe to come off the bench because we already have a 24 yr old starting center in Kendrick Perkins who may not have some of that finesse but has a considerable amount more intensity. But if I wanted another center I’d probably rather have a 23 yr old center with a little bit of a future…like Dwight Howard. More on that in the next one…

    4 – Beating the CAVS in the finals? If the Lakers make it to the finals and aren’t playing the Celtics, it will be the Magic. And MVP Dwight Howard would destroy that 21 year “wunderkind” that you’re talking up over there…

    Remember the 3 points he scored the first game against the Magic? The 1 rebound? What a GREAT GREAT GREAT player he is. Enjoy the big night last night.

    Anyone can have a good game every now and then…especially when they play the Clippers. Just keep your eyes open for where he ends up in a few years.

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  4. Actually the mess up was Justice Robert’s fault, not Obama’s. Figures that a Bush appointee messes up the oath.

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