What’s Up With Tony Allen?

Has Tony Allen gone Kedrick Brown on us?  Kedrick was notorious for taking months to come back from what was originally diagnosed as a minor ankle injury.

Tony last played on January 4.  It’s January 22.  He didn’t even make the trip… but originally… we heard he was only supposed to miss a game or two.

So what’s the deal?  Is the ankle worse than we’ve been told?  Is he being held out for some other reason?  Something doesn’t smell right here.


6 Responses

  1. I said this a week ago.

    Clearly, he’s on the trading block. They aren’t happy with him completely this year, and want to deal him before his value gets any lower. This has nothing to do with his ankle. He hasn’t been at a single game, home or away, since the injury. I’m pretty sure only KG has the clout to pull that kind of “I’ll just hang out in the Locker Room, thanks” shit.

  2. Maybe there was some ligament damage in there…who knows. Keeping a guy out and making it look like an injury will not enhance his trade value. Globe reports he might play Sunday against Dallas.

  3. Putting a guy in when he’s been playing like crap and his numbers will continue to go down with added minutes is plenty of reason to keep him out.

    The Celts aren’t like the Pats with respect to covering up injury situations. They’re always pretty forthcoming. We got a big nothing on TA. No news of any kind.

    They’re prepping him to move. I would be surprised if he took the time to secure a new place to live and other details for his upcoming trade.

  4. Here’s hoping they trade him. I’m game to give Walker a shot at being the TA TA was supposed to be but never became. (Got that?)

  5. I agree they would like to move TA, but I think your logic is flawed. As was mentioned, keeping him out of the lineup like this does not enhance is trade value at all. In fact, it greatly decreases it. His numbers are actually up for the most part from last year.

    If you look at his game log, his numbers aren’t really going down…so I’m not sure where you’re getting that. He is still putting up Tony Allen numbers. Inconsistent, yes, but he has his games. If the Celtics want to move him, which I think they do, they will play him when they can.

  6. This team doesnt miss him, the fans dont miss him, tony allen is a bad basketball player and its addition by subtraction with the knucklehead missing

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