Feelin’ Fine

Chuck was so excited after last night’s win, he just had to dance.  Lucky for you guys, Red’s Army headquarters is under surveillance 24/7… so we all get to share in the dancy bliss.

Chuck’s junk-jiggling celebration is understandable now that the Celtics have broken out of their doldrums.  They’re in a percentage-tie with the Cavs for best record in the East and a smidge behind the Lakers.

So the question to you, dear Celtics fans, is do you feel like the Celtics are back, or is the 7 game streak just a band aid for a team that still has some big holes to fill?


9 Responses

  1. Ahhh hahahaha!! You guys are too much! Chuck look at the bright side, you got some Rhythm!

  2. is it safe to say that man has scanned more packages then UPS

  3. In answer to your question, I say…both.
    We certainly ARE back, playing stifling defense, rebounding, and hitting our shots. Different guys stepping up in different games. This feels like the team that won the chicken dinner last year, and not like the team that lost to the Knicks. But we ARE still going to have to fill some nagging holes in the roster. The good teams around us have upgraded. The Lakers have Bynam back, and while I don’t for a moment consider him a “savior”, I do think he makes them better than last year. Cleveland added Mo Williams, who has been a great surprise for them, and they are playing much better than last year. The Hawks have picked up right where they left off, and the Magic have been much improved (except for last night).
    While I certainly think “anything is possible” for us with our current roster, and I’m completely ecstatic about what I’ve seen the past seven games, I’d still like a little insurance going into the Playoffs.

  4. Chuck is actually on the waiting list to be a Celtics Dancer

  5. celts never left to begin with..just a little drop off after 19 games in a row

    they’re the best team in the nba..period

  6. ohh, hell noooo – lol

  7. One last comment about the Orlando game. I was on the road listening to the game on SiriusXM and was quite impressed with Stan Van Gundy when they cut in to his postgame news conference. He gave Boston all the credit for the Magic’s loss and said upfront that he had failed to adequately prepare his players for what the Celtics brought to the court. He shouldered a lot of the blame and humbly gave Boston all the credit. It was a class move.

  8. Oh no you didn’t….

  9. Looks like I did.

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