Who had the better Johnson?

This isn’t another John vs. Chuck thing.  I think the ladies of Emerson College circa 1994 know that I’m the clear winner there… although it was hard to hear what they really thought of Chuck over all the laughing.

No, this is about Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson… and our own Dennis Johnson.  Pete Marasmitch did a ton of research and said Vinnie was better.  I did exactly no research and I know the answer is DJ.

Head on over there and make the case for DJ.  I’m not saying spam the site… because it’s a good site.  I’m saying make a solid argument based on reason.  Contribute to the converstation… don’t embarrass Celtics fans or else I’ll ban you from here.


7 Responses

  1. They are smoking – DJ is the winner hands down. DJ won in Seattle (1) and Boston (2). He was a great leader and kept the original big 3 ego in check (Not easy to do). Great Defensive player – Guarded the best player on the other team. DJ was KC Jones right hand man “He was a coach on the court”. What else can I say – Overall great player and great man. Even Larry Legend called DJ the best player he’s ever played with. Vinnie Johnson? Come on, please. He was a good shooter and can score in bunches off the bench in a short period of time. I would give him credit for what “The Microwave” has done but don’t they ever compare him to DJ. Miss you DJ Rest in Peace.

  2. You guys who watched Dj and Vinnie play in the 80’s can back me up – I think even the Laker posters can agree Dj was better.

  3. phhf.

    Was vj ever finals mvp, all defense, all nba or even an all star?

    From his rookie year until 1986, DJ was the second best guard of his era.

    I’ve got one for him.

    Who was the better rebounder:

    Dennis Rodman or Ed Pinckney?

    I’ll go with Ed.

  4. Wow, I guess no loyal supporters for our beloved DJ except Lex. Thanks guys

  5. That guy couldn’t be more wrong. The fact that “most viewed video” is one of his categories shows how much of a reach this blog is. I hope he is joking.

    I left a comment on that blog that I doubt will get accepted. I hate how blog owners can block comments. If you write dumb crap, you should be willing to listen to criticism.

  6. Detroit wins those titles without Vinnie.

    Seattle doesn’t win without DJ, I am willing to say the Celtics would have been hard pressed to win without him as well.

    I don’t know where this guy is even coming up with this garbage.

  7. Relax Santos…just saw the post with morning coffee…

    This is just plain dumb.

    The only aspect of their respective games that VJ could claim as better would be his “H-o-r-s-e” like ability to shoot from anywhere on the court…he was a great boost from the bench…”heats up in a hurry”…all that Microwave shit, but I don’t see a valid comparison anywhere else…

    He was a bench player…defense was not his strong-suit, nor his role…leadership?-nah-ah…ball-skills were ok…

    Are we sure this mouth-breather wasn’t comparing DJ to Isiah?

    I will say I think Celts81 is coming a little strong saying Detroit would have won without him…those Detroit teams were really a collection of specialty role players masterfully used by a helluva coach in Daly…I think he and all other members were certainly needed…

    …also didn’t hurt that both Magic and Scott didn’t play in their first title run…

    Go Lakers

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