KG Laughs at Lakers

From Mark Murphy’s notebook in the Herald:

In hindsight, Garnett still laughs to himself about the pressure the Lakers put on themselves leading up to that Christmas Day win.

“The Lakers felt like that game was the championship,” he said. “Some of the comments those guys made were incredible, and it was just the regular season. It was kind of comical. But we knew that we just had to move on from that.”

Feb 5th cannot come fast enough.

And for anyone wondering if Ubuntu was still the team’s motto, look no further than what Kendrick Perkins said/did in the fourth quarter of the Magic game:

In fact, Davis was playing so well that Perkins looked back at Doc Rivers to make sure the Celtics coach really wanted to make the move.Rivers agreed and gestured Perkins back to the bench.

“I asked him if he wanted to leave (Davis) in,” Perkins said after the 90-80 win. “It seemed to me that that was the right thing to do.”

The Celtics next opponent, the Mavericks, are coming off a 112-91 win over Detroit. Sunday’s game marks the end of Dallas’ four game road trip which included a 2 pt win over Philly and a 34-point loss to the Bucks.

You gotta watch the final minute of the Cavs/Warriors game.

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42 Responses

  1. Cue the Laker trolls. LOL

  2. Celts played it like a regular season game stuck with their rotation.
    l.a. played it like a game 7 championship starters played lots of minutes and they won big deal wait till the playoffs start.

  3. We couldn’t match Lakers intensity on Xmas day but on Feb 5th Celtics will be ready to get even. Its too early to talk about better records, playoffs or finals but every game counts especially against rival teams.

  4. After 1 month u guys are still talking about this???
    I guess this is how people talk or react after not talking for 22 years

  5. “Celts played it like a regular season game stuck with their rotation.
    l.a. played it like a game 7 championship starters played lots of minutes and they won big deal wait till the playoffs start.”

    Check nba stats before you speak, the lakers starters are averaging alot less minutes than the celtics starters..i keep forgetting you guys dont have a bench. just remember kobe has 3 championships. michael jordan if i remember correctly told Ray allan that 1 championship is luck.
    KG is that same guy that was interviewed by paul silas crying how he cant win ! :-) GO LAKERS

  6. Nice Junior…I love factual data…

    KG was also the guy after the C’s won last year screaming, crying, bellowing “Anything is possible!” in some frenzied state of hypnosis-also implying that they were indeed lucky…

    It is kind of crazy that the defending champs are STILL dwelling on that game…sad…but your right…the 5th will make it all better when you win at home…

    …but what if you don’t…?

    “Anything is pos-sib-uuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!”

    Go Lakers

  7. This coming from Lakers fans who know their team was talking about that game a month or 2 before it even happened. Pot calling the kettle black here.

  8. Laker-Celtics rematch is coming up soon. KG isn’t that out of line bringing it up at least it wasn’t as early as the Lakers did before the Christmas game.

  9. What is also funny is that any mention of the Lakers immediately brings in the Laker trolls…

  10. If the Lakers want to crown themselves now go right ahead. We gave you 22 years handicap and you still couldn’t get even with titles count.

    Honestly I didn’t really like KG’s quote – If Celts played like it were game 7 of the NBA finals then may be we would have win. Oh, my fault Lakers only made it to game 6 and lost by five touchdowns.

    Go Flukers

  11. To be fair, inferno isn’t exactly a “Laker Troll.” Laker fan, yes, but he has been around this blog longer than that Christmas game, and well before the Finals.

  12. Nora…your input is not only annoying, but child-like in nature and content…

    …lets break down your lame commentary:

    “This coming from Lakers fans who know their team was talking about that game a month or 2 before it even happened. Pot calling the kettle black here.”

    We lost the championship…you won it…natural for us to be looking ahead… also you were heading towards the greatest winning streak in NBA history, so yes…we wanted that win…NO POT, NO BLACK…apples and oranges.


    “Laker-Celtics rematch is coming up soon. KG isn’t that out of line bringing it up at least it wasn’t as early as the Lakers did before the Christmas game.”

    Essentially this is the same comment as the first…did this arrangement of words escape you the first time 1 minute before??? Did a cosmic blast hit your apartment full of cats and give you the insight to bestow such a gift to us??? …and it WAS the Christmas game wasn’t it? A little more national glow than Feb 5!! Or is the 5th…National Uneducated Female Basketball Fan Day?!

    …and last but not least…

    “What is also funny is that any mention of the Lakers immediately brings in the Laker trolls…”

    Despite being a Laker fan I have been an active member of this site (during basketball season) since Ainge assembled this all-star team 2 years ago…I enjoy the debates, rivalry and occaisional cheap shot both sides take…but do not call me a troll.

    You may resemble that remark, but I am not one.

    Go hug your cat.

    Go Lakers

  13. Relax Ferno – BTW Good commentary on the DJ post – I remember bball knowledge since 77 I didn’t forget.

  14. “KG was also the guy after the C’s won last year screaming, crying, bellowing “Anything is possible!” in some frenzied state of hypnosis-also implying that they were indeed lucky…”

    Your logic there is severely flawed…that just doesn’t make any sense. “Anything is possible” —> Celtics were lucky? Uh, yea….alright, man. That’s nothing but a Lakers bias at work.

    And honestly, if we lose at home (which I don’t see happening….but you’re right, anything is possible) it won’t be that big of a deal. Know why? Because we will show up for the games that really matter. Just like you guys showed up for the last game of the fina….oh, wait…my bad. You guys might not have even been there if it wasn’t for that horrible no-call against the Spurs , which would have tied up the series (which the NBA admitted should have been a foul).

  15. I also don’t think crushing the Lakers in game 7 is lucky. That is hilarious.

  16. I meant game 6

  17. Scott…based on some of your posts I’d say your a fairly intelligent guy…so I know you’ll be able to follow my next logic tree…

    The statement “Anything is possible” implied unexpected joy…shock at event that just occurred, almost akin to winning the lottery or finding buried treasure or coming across a priceless painting at a yard sale…”Anything is possible” would be a reasonable response…

    Winning a championship with a band of all-stars, having the best record in the NBA and facing an undermanned Laker team a year ahead of schedule ( I know you guys love it when I say that) …and still…and STILL…one of your Superstars screams “Anything is possible!!!!!”…clearly HE felt the ordeal must have been an act of god, a rub of the djinni’s bottle or, how shall I say, um …er…LUCK!

    I personally don’t think it was luck, but who am I to argue with Jordan.

    Go Lakers

    PS-Thanks for the recog of knowledge Santos

    PPS- Comment quickly if you want a response before midnight…I have a hot date with a mother of two…thankfully they’re my kids.

  18. Does she have a hot sister? J/K

    Luck? Come on man – You pulled out your dictionary and gave a definition – KG hasn’t won anything in ten plus seasons with the Wolves so all of a sudden he and his crew won the title it was like “Anything is Possible”. In my opinion KG’s excitement and tears of joy all poured out from remembering all those losing years and how everything was assembled so quickly in Boston. Luck is when you find a twenty dollar bill on ground or when the Lakers traded a box of sour lemons for Pau Gasol. BTW We won the title (22 years behind schedule) hahaha….

  19. Again, I think its just your Lakers bias. The statement “anything is possible”, to me, reflects his years of frustration in Minnesota, where they couldn’t put any decent players around him. Therefore, he may have thought he was never destined to win a championship. Even with the team the C’s had, a championship was not guaranteed…but they did it. He won his championship, which is what a competitor like KG really dreams of. For 12 seasons he was one of the best players in the league with a bad surrounding cast (Wally, Marbury, etc).

    “Anything is possible” was more of an exclamation that your dreams can indeed come true. His was to win a championship. If I were to start a business and have it reach Fortune 500 status, I would say the same thing because my dream came true.

  20. And I guarantee you, if you were to ask KG (or anyone on the Celtics for that matter) about it, the word luck would NEVER come out of their mouth. That fact alone sort of invalidates your statement, which was that KG actually THOUGHT it was luck.

  21. Fair is fair guys…both compelling and lucid arguments…I’ll take my retort one step beyond the actual championship game…

    Both Scott and Santos agree that his years of frustration and near torment with the Wolves is really what led to that feral outcry of emotion…I can see that as well…

    You both agree -as do I-winning the championship was not lucky and that HE did NOT think beating the Lakers was lucky…BUT…

    I think we could all agree that a portion of that primal scream was an ode to Ainge, McHale and the pantheon of gods that allowed himself, Ray and Pierce to be united in one of the greatest fabricated teams since the Monkeys and that the LUCK was not the made shots or the grabbed rebounds or the hard work or the free throws late in the game…but rather…the LUCK came when KG was allowed to leave the great north and come east…I guarantee you, not only did he feel lucky that day, but all of Celtic Nation was NOW feeling…that “Anything was possible”…

    So…in conclusion…some of that scream really WAS saying I’m so lucky I’m here…I’m so lucky I’m a Celtic…and when you think of it that way…is it really that bad?

    It was Bad Luck for us Laker fans …of that I’m sure.

    Go Lakers

    PS- No, Santos…two brothers…one a Celtic fan, the other a Knick (poor bastard)

  22. We were lucky because Ainge and Mchale are good friends. I think the Bulls and Lakers had better offers for KG but Mchale choose to make the deal with his old team and old buddy. One lucky trade for another bro – How about the Gasol trade? Now, that’s luck too.

    Your brother-in-law (Knicks fan) must get the most shit during bball conversations. LOL

  23. Lakers are pretty darn lucky for getting Gasol for nothing. At least the Celtics gave up a talent like Jefferson.

  24. Kwame Brown is a stud. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. The man’s a double double machine!

  25. I don’t think the KG trade was necessarily lucky. We gave up Big Al, who is having an All-Star year and is in his early 20s. He has all the potential to be everything KG is, and he is starting to put it together. We also gave up Ryan Gomes, among others, who has emerged as a solid bench player. That being said, the trade made sense for the Wolves and they definitely got some realllllly solid pieces in return.

  26. Well, Scott what I meant by “Luck” was Ainge and Mchale. I know we gave up Big Al he will be missed in the future and he is super automatic double double guy. If Mchale wasn’t a former Celtic and good friends with Ainge do you think Mchale would still take the Celts offer? If Mchale didn’t have ties with the Celtics I think he would have made the deal with Chicago or Lakers. I don’t want to put a tag on them like they are making some dirty business deal with Mchale favoring the Green… no one will ever know what’s really going on behind closed doors…. Just saying…. I feel privileged to watch KG wear the green and play his heart out night in and night out and brought #17 (Finally) and many more. I’ll leave it at that.

  27. I hear you…just out of curiosity…do you remember the packages that the Lakers and Bulls were arguing?

  28. Don’t quote me on it – If I remember correctly Chicago offered Kirk H, Deng and draft picks? and the Lakers offered Odom and Bynum?

    I am curious to see how BBD will perform tomorrow after a breakout game in Orlando. Mavs going down – Go C’s.

  29. Laker did not offer Bynum I am pretty sure.

  30. The Lakers defeated you guys on Christmas day, ended your 19 game win streak, and derailed you guys to the point of losing something like 6 out of 8 games…hardly funny. We’ll see you Feb. 5th where you can laugh some more as we own you on your home court this time.

  31. Lakers2009….what an incredibly intelligent post…

  32. Unless the Lakers offered Bynum….I don’t see an offer comparable to what the Celtics were offering. A solid bench player and a future superstar (which were only 2 pieces of the deal) are more than any other team were offering (assuming Bynum wasn’t included).

    Even so, I would say Al Jefferson is more advanced than Bynum and still would have represented the best player in any deal. The relationship between Ainge and McHale might have had a little to do with it, but I still think the Celtics were offering the best package.

  33. Well said Scott – Who was that Laker Midget (Laker2009) coming on our post hardcore like she owned us? How long have you been a Laker fan (Laker2009)? You made my night with your funny ass post.

  34. Wow another late night chat, huh guys…sorry I missed it…

    Bynum most certainly WAS in that offer with Odom-good memory (or use of google) Santos- but what also makes the deal even more “good ole boy” was the fact that the Laker final offer included the first round pick…McHale felt that picking 19 was too high and wouldn’t fill his needs…right.

    Scott, stop fighting it…having ex-teammates give each other gifts is part of the reality of sport…just take it and enjoy it.

    One more thing…I love how Celtic fans bring up Pau as their counter argument…those same people berate him as a soft, no-game Euro-trash and give him zero respect…all I ask is that you choose one position and stick with it…he’s either a steal and a really good player or he’s Tapas leftovers…can’t be both.

    Good morning and Go Lakers

  35. I remembered the trade offers for KG clearly without googling. We traded for Ray Allen first then the trade rumors was flying in and I was pretty sure KG would end up with LA. Luckily it didn’t happen.

    Pau is a team player, he needs a duo partner to compliment his game. For example: Bird/Chief, KG/Perk, and Pau/Bynum, etc. We can all see Pau has lots more freedom to roam around shooting wide open shots around the rim and getting O/D rebounds. Its no secret he is free because of Bynum’s presents on the floor. Pau is Mr. Fundamental #2 (Timmy D #1)

    Mavs is folding on their last game on the road trip – Great Team ball so far I am loving it – Go C’s.

  36. Inferno…I’m not fighting anything. All I’m saying is that I would have taken Big Al over Bynum then…and I would do the same today. A first round pick isn’t a guarantee of anything.

  37. Not to mention the fact that the final deal included 2 first round draft picks from the Celtics (one was originally the Wolves’ but was given back as part of the deal).

  38. We beat this horse so bad its already glue…both were a steal…and I gotta say…I’m glad to have Bynum…

    Go Lakers

  39. We sure did beat the shit out of that horse didn’t we.. LOL

  40. I eat glue. Does that mean I eat horses?

  41. lol yea…let’s put this one to bed.

  42. All I have to say at least the C’s and gay ass Lakers dont have a team that screams MVP to one anothers stars. After watching the game vs knicks I thinks NY people should not show up to any more games. Yet I think all ticket sales should go to Laker fans. Now back to the subject Laker celtics. Lets see Lakers get Gasol for nothing, Phil well Phil refuses to coach any team without at least 2 superstars (which means watch out Doc he’s coming for your job if he ever quits and decides to come back again lol oh but yet he’s considered a good coach give me a break my grandma can coach jordan/pippen, shaq and kobe). Then big headed Kobe says no I need all the spot light pushes Shaq away they lose him and get BLOWWWWWWWn away by the Celtics in the finals. Need to say more? Celtics build that team from scratch we didnt have a Kobe and Shaq with a band wagon coach, we didnt get a alstar play for free (here you go Lakers Phil might cry if he doesnt get another alstar besides Odom). Then after all the Laker fans still have the balls to say we are fans and calling a blow out of last years pathetic performance luck. Just hope you make it to the finals so if you are lucky enough to make it game 6 this time you will decide to play and not send the home depot mexican basketball team of LA =) Which I think could score more.

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