Red’s Army on Gang Green

The folks at Gang Green TV interrupted my watching of the Celtics-Magic game this week to have me join their show.  We were supposed to talk Celtics… and in our 15 minute conversation… I think we managed to get about 45 seconds of good Celtics talk in there.  I was also challenged to an NBA Jam tournament, I admitted I was drunk (which by now is pretty much implied), and I called Chuck a level 2 sex offender.  Of course… I’m kidding about Chuck.  Those charges never stuck.

My segment begins at the 9:00 mark and goes on for 15 hilarious minutes. Enjoy


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  1. yo bill russell wife marylin has passed away can we have a moment of silence thi is a laker article but this is where i found the info it’s near the bottom of the article

    it’s starts like this “Bill Russell’s wife, Marilyn, passed away after a tough bout with cancer. They were inseparable at every NBA event for as long as I can remember”

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