Adidas Can’t Be Serious…


From the official NBA store:

You’ll love this adidas Originals Los Angeles Lakers super-soft, short-sleeve t-shirt. The high-quality cotton shirt is decorated in St. Patrick’s Day colors and designed with the distressed team logo screen-printed on the chest for a vintage look.

Is there a Lakers fan alive who would be caught dead in this shirt? Even they are smart enough not to wear this thing. The marketing fool who came up with this design needs to be fired immediately.

It’s always pissed me off to see the Bulls wear green uniforms, but at least Chicago has an Irish tradition. I could understand a Cinco de Mayo Lakers T-shirt, but St. Patrick’s Day?

Better yet…




Both can be found at our online store. What’s wrong with a little blatant self-promotion?

Thanks to “yo” for the tip.


45 Responses

  1. I already have one on order…jeez…I don’t think I could ever wear green let alone a shamrock on my arm!

    Go Lakers

  2. Does this mean the Lakers will wear the Green version of the Laker Uniform on St. Patty Day? Ohhh Hell Noooo.

  3. as a Laker fan, i think i represent all of us when i say this is not going to sell at all. this is like expecting a celts fan to buy purple/gold celts shirt. let’s be real, that isn’t happening. i don’t care what holiday it is for, no fan is going to wear a rival’s colors surrounding their team’s logo for no reason

  4. This shirt fits a niche. Not our, as die hard Celtics (and Lakers) fans, niche. But that niche of of people who rock Lakers gear to look “in” and despite not knowing anything about their family origins they are “Irish” on March 17th and when the Dropkick Murphys play a show in their town.

    While we see this as a “New Coke” level blunder, sadly this design will sell plenty of units.

  5. Slogan: “For the one who can’t make his mind.”

  6. Good god. As someone studying business in college, seeing this kind of stuff really amazes me. Sure, it might fit a small niche…but not enough to warrant production of these shirts. There really are so many idiots out there in the business world.

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  8. that’s just awful. wow

  9. Lets face it guys…Josh is right…red and yellow Yankee hats outnumber dark blue these days…”alternative” football jerseys are seen in sports bars every Sunday…these aren’t “REAL” fans to us, but they are still spending money…

    This won’t be a year round seller, but I’m sure it will more than cover production costs…I just know I won’t be buying one…

    Go Purple and Gold

  10. I think it’s at the very least debatable as to whether this will cover production costs, especially given the recent history between the two teams.

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  12. as a Cavs fan, I’m buying two.

  13. It even has the clover on the side. This is a T Shirt FAIL. Good eye guys!

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  15. Would any Laker fan wear this shirt to a game vs. the Celtics?

  16. Its real funny how those two t-shirts doesn’ts make sense. Turning Lakers into losers? Uhm, excuse me but the lakers have the best record in the league as of right now. So i wouldn’t consider them losers. And as for Kobe Bryant, you guys are just hating him because he is NBA’s best. And you’re just sad because KG or Paul Pierce isn’t in the MVP race. It’s between Kobe and LBJ in my eyes.

  17. First off, to Lakers2416, the word is spelled doesn’t not “doesn’ts”

    Secondly, let me explain the reason it says Losers on the shirt. If you happened to watch the NBA Finals last year, the Lakers lost, hence LOSERS. And having the best record in the NBA in January doesn’t earn you and trophies.

    Thirdly, Kobe is not NBA’s best, and although winning MVP in the regular season can be kinda nice, winning MVP in the Championship Finals to go along with a championship trophy is better.

    So enjoy the best mid-season record non-trophy and the regular season MVP award, you can have them. That’s not what Pierce or KG is playing for, they’re playing for a much sweeter trophy, number 18.

    Celtics vs. Lakers = 9 – 2

  18. Lakers2416 – Go back to school and learn your Celtic and Laker history 101 before coming in here all retarded talking about MVP race and best record, LOL. How long have you been a Laker fan? Give us your Laker resume before we can even talk to you kid! T-Shirt might look good on you why don’t you order one.

  19. I dont mind the Green T, I think it would look great on a blondy with green eyes, but thats just my opinion and thats why we are here, social media, the marketing tool of the century

  20. Um, no Lakers2416 we hate Lakers because they are Lakers, that is how this thing works. Who cares about MVP race and season record 45 games into the season? One thing matters around here, Banners, and we have 17 of them, 52.9% of which were won against your team. Nine out of eleven times, we have walked away with the banner (.818 winning percentage.)

    Your team is 13 games below .500 in Finals games against the Celtics. We also have current bragging rights.

    Like Fsantos33 said, learn your history.

  21. Josh – Love those numbers!

  22. Josh, a couple of things you forgot to mention. Only 2 of those wins against the Lakers in the Finals have been recorded in the past 4 decades. And while there is no argument that the Celtics have more Championships than the Lakers, there is an argument for consistency. The Lakers franchise have been to the Finals in every decade since the inception of the NBA, winning titles in the 1940s, 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, 2000s. Should we talk about the Celtics of the 1990s and early 2000s??? The Celtics won the bulk of their titles (11) in the 1950s and 1960s, but last year represents the first time in over 2 decades since their last apperance in the Finals, with their last title coming in ’86. Lastly, while the Celtics have beat the Lakers 9 out of 11 times in the finals, they’ve only been to the Finals 20 times total; 12 (60%) of those appearances coming in the ’50s and ’60s. On the other hand, the Lakers have been to the Finals 29 times, 5 in the last decade. The Lakers have been to almost half (48.3%) of all Finals, the Celtics, just a third (33.3%). 5 is also the number of times the Lakers have missed the playoffs. In NBA history. The Celtics have missed 3 times as many (15), including 8 in the past 13 seasons. But hey, none of that will matter 5 years from now, when the Celtics will be back in the lottery, right next to the Clippers, so enjoy it Celts fans.

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with the color. People should be respectful of another country culture. Seeing that it is the day that Irish people celebrate as a national holiday and that is their color why not. Adidas has come to recognized that basketball is bigger than America. You guys need to accept that as well.

  24. It’s not the Irish that’s the issue.. its that Lakers fans are going to wear shirts that look like Celtics shirts. You know.. their arch rivals?

  25. Spew out all the facts, figures and percentages you want – ForgottenFacts…but none will mask the ugliness that is “while the Celtics have beat the Lakers 9 out of 11 times in the finals”


  26. ForgottenFAT – Hope you didn’t break a nail looking up all the stats – We are not Impressed. C’s gave you guys 22 years to catch up to 16 titles and the Lakers failed. How did #17 tastes Fact-Man?

  27. HAHAHA, thanks BigMck and Fsantos33, for proving once again that Boston sports fans are all talk. And don’t worry about my nails, I keep them nice and trimmed, just the way your ex likes it. Now that’s impressive.

  28. My ex was your sister – Get a new T-Shirt on your way out.

  29. I think this is hilarious. The Lakers and NBA clearly profiting off the Celtics color scheme and upcoming Irish holiday. Genius.

    By the way, Celtics, you’re not that cool. You bought an all-star team (and the Red Sox too). I would hope you’re having a winning last few seasons. Get over yourselves.

  30. Hey “Forgotten Facts”, are you seriously bragging about coming in 2nd place more often? Does being 14-15 total in the Finals make up for the fact that the Celtics are 17-3 in the Finals total?

    Yes the Lakers had better sucsess in the 90’s and early 00’s than the Celtics, while I am not going to make excuses, I don’t seem to remember the Lakers lose 2 future Hall of Famers to tragedy in that time frame.

    Also, none of that crap has any bearing on the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. Bottom line 9-2 is better than 2-9.

  31. What is this babble “ksurrina” is going on about? Respecting “Irish Culture,” SAY WHAT?

    If you want to get technical and overly PC, Adidas is not respecting s*@t, they are exploiting what you call “Irish Culture” to sell a dumb T-Shirt.

  32. The design is nice, save for the color and the shamrock on the arm. It should just be yellow with a distressed logo.

  33. […] Adidas Can’t Be Serious… From the official NBA store: You’ll love this adidas Originals Los Angeles Lakers super-soft, short-sleeve […] […]

  34. Oh uhm, I didn’t know this was an English Class and what not. Woaaaah! I made on little typo and you guys are making a big deal. We’re talking about basketball here you nitwits. And I’m talking about right now, you know 2008-2009 season where the Lakers hold the best record in the league. I’m not dating back to the past during the The showtime era. I’m simply saying that the T-shirts doesn’t make sense AS OF RIGHT NOW because last time i checked, we have the best record in the nba. You can put all that statistics and percentages but it doesn’t matter. Kobe is simply the BEST Player in the NBA. Even our 44th president thinks so ;]

  35. Beantown- Home of the all white christians with ugly wives.

  36. All right “Lakers2416” you went from “We’re talking about basketball here you nitwits.” to “Beantown- Home of the all white christians with ugly wives.”

    Yeah, I can tell you are about 14. That has nothing to do with basketball and is uncalled for.

  37. Lakers2416…I think you meant to say Lebron was the best player in the NBA.

  38. dont bother arguing with the celtic fans, they’re impossible, if you say something thats true, it either gets deleted or they bring up the finals.

  39. Go Fuck yourself Laker2416 – I got your best record right here. Stay respectful or don’t post in here.

  40. “Beantown- Home of the all white christians with ugly wives.”

    Basketball aside, that’s honestly just straight up ignorant. Get out of here and don’t come back.

  41. dom….bitter much?

  42. last time you checked who has the best record, Lakers2416 must have been before tonight’s game. Cleveland and Boston have better records

  43. I have to admit, Lakers colors are kind of gross looking, but even so, I wouldn’t wear that!

  44. It’s still better than pink.

  45. saya pencinta lakers GO lakers, “jangan menyerah”
    did you now celtik ligo same with baned plant in my country.

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