“Man, the Celtics really want to rub it in”

That quote didn’t come from anything the Celtics did during the game.  It came from what the Celtics did AFTER the game.

The Celtics were Midas without the final act where lunch turns into an inedible precious metal. The Mavericks were wondering what hit them even after the game when their complementary beverage chest had just Bud Light Lime for alcohol.

“Man, the Celtics really want to rub it in,” one Dallas type said.

Now THAT is funny.  But hey, in this economy, teams have to save money where they can.  Be happy you didn’t get Schlitz or Natural Light.

You’ll have plenty of time to drink whatever you want because the C’s don’t play until Wednesday night.  With another blowout win under their belts, the C’s are getting plent of rest in the middle of the season… which is a very welcome surprise.

After the links, Gary Payton says KG doesn’t deserve his All Star nod… and KG’s response.

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12 Responses

  1. 3 quick things…

    #1 – Is there more of a class act in sports than KG?

    #2 – The Glove is an idiot.

    #3 – Red would be proud of that lockerroom beverage selection.

  2. Man, the glove really hates the Celtics.

    Man, KG is the man.

  3. Wow, I never realized Gary Payton was such a douche.

  4. he said he should have started over stockon a number of times also, COME ON PUT DOWN the Crack PIPE!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could find that clip. dude is just stupid

  5. Schlitz or Natural Light would be a blessing that stuff sucks donkey butt

  6. […] point lead at halftime to 8th straight win Marbury:   Celtics would sign guard Red’s Army Man the Celtics really want to rub it in Paul Pierce’s journey Adidas can’t be serious Examiner Oh KG, what a shame about your […]

  7. gary payton last made the all-star team in 2003. The next year he was aquired by the Lakers along with karl malone in a pre-cursor to what the celtics did last year. Payton’s scoring went from 20 to 14 a game and I’m sure he feels like he got snubbed and therefore KG should too. The big difference being that the lakers experiment with The Mailman and The Glove FAILED and was dismantled unceremoniously.

  8. Celtics should have served Steel Reserve 211 instead.

    GP, GP, GP…. Why is GP such a hater? Every time he talks about the Celtics, Rondo or KG, etc there’s always some animosity – Maybe GP wasn’t treated right when he played for us that one year. I don’t know, whatever that’s his opinion and it don’t mean much. GP and C-Webb makes me laugh on NBA TV so I will let it slide. In a way they are better than Kenny and Chuck in my opinion.

  9. Cannot stand GP. He is so annoying.

  10. Bud light lime is good though!

  11. i really dont give a damn about the allstar game, in fact i voted yi hoping kg would be able to get some rest. yet i so disappointing hearing a guy like GP who should know a thing or two about the game of basketball saying these nonsense. you would expect some kind of recognition from basketball people for the way kg is playing the game – its the way this game meant to be played. payton is a douche.

  12. i actually like gary payton before this year. but now he is the BIGGEST celtics hater on tv right now.. i wish that we could set up a death match between him and tommy heinsohn.. i dont give a fuck about age we all know who would win

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