Stop Talking, Stephon


From the NY Post:

The banished Stephon Marbury acknowledged for the first time yesterday he has a verbal commitment from the Celtics – and accused the Knicks of not accepting his latest buyout offer because they don’t want him winning a championship in Boston.

Can’t imagine that Danny Ainge is thrilled with Marbury’s comments to the Post. The Celtics interest in him has been the worst kept secret in the NBA, but any type of “verbal agreement” with a player currently under contract with another team might upset the commish. (John’s got more on the tampering penalty here)

If I were James Dolan and/or Donnie Walsh – I would let Marbury rot on the bench until he agrees to give back at least $3 million. These NBA contract buyouts are a joke.

But since I’m not…cut him loose so he can come to Boston and help secure Banner 18.


24 Responses

  1. I don’t like this Marbury deal – The guy has no common sense and has an IQ of a peanut. Knowing his track record he is going to mess up our chemistry between Rondo, House and Pruitt. You know he will be bitching and whining about either minutes and or be a locker room disruption – He’ll find a way to fuck it up that’s what I am trying to say. Just ask Minn, NJ, Pho, and NY fans.

  2. I need to go back and find the post where you guys talk about how this could be a good thing. I just don’t get it.

  3. I still think he can help this team….idiot or not.

  4. It’s a “good” idea because he is a legitimate pg. House isn’t. If House isn’t hot, the second team offense gets really stagnate and has trouble moving the ball. Marbury can direct an offense.

  5. great, last time we brought up his name, the Celts lost 4 in a row and 7 of 9.

  6. can we not worry about chemistry that has anything to do with pruitt? im so sick of the Gabe homers….if hes getting minutes in the playoffs kiss banner 18 goodbye

  7. I seriously doubt there was a “commitment”. Just some interest expressed. The Knicks told Marbury he could talk to other teams, so whatever rule might otherwise have been broken should be waived in this case. (But is he stupid to talk to the press about ‘commitments’? Very.)

    Do the Cs need Marbury? No. Might he help? Possibly. If he comes, I’m sure they will be able to handle him… doubt he would be a distraction.

    But the Cs talked to Marbury back in the bad days, when PP was a bit lethargic, Rondo was refusing to take the jumper, and losses were piling up. Things have changed (obviously). Over the past 5 games (since the 2nd Nets game) Rondo has been taking jumpers normally, and hitting his mid-to-long-range ones at 58%… league leading territory. Regardless of whether the % holds up, the point is that Rondo’s jumper problem appears to be over.

    And… Marbury never was a great player. His field goal % is 43%, 33% from 3-point territory. Rebounds: 2.8. Not only is Rondo MUCH better than Starbury overall, I’m not sure that Marbury is much of an improvement over Gabe. (And will his not-very-impressive stats even hold up? He generated those when he was younger. He’s 35 now.)

    So if he comes, ok, he could be another weapon, maybe. If he doesn’t come, we really don’t care. If I had my druthers, I’d pass on the guy. What we need is a big.

  8. DRJ is right, activate Sam I am and you’ll get Starbury or better. Danny needs to find a Big. Soon….

  9. I don’t think back up PG is our most pressing issue either. We need a back-up big more than anything

  10. Correction: Stephon is 31. But rusty. And does not know team D.

  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again the man is cancer. No like cancer.


    Some of us have certainly changed our stance.

  13. Mine is the same. Never wanted him… and I don’t want him now

  14. what big is out there Scott Pollard?Rafael Araujo, Jelani McCoy, Steven Hill, Michael Doleac, Michael Olowokandi, Jackie Butler, , Dwayne Jones

  15. Here was Chuck’s stance on Marbury last year:

    “I agree with your list except for Marbury. He is awful. Under no circumstances would I want him on the Celtics.” … there’s the link just so you know I’m not making it up.

  16. Small life observation: People don’t change their basic personalities. We are who we are. This guy had a physical fight with his coach, threatened to spill to the media some deep dark “secrets” about Isaiah, ruined the chemistry of every team he’s been on, and consistently lost throughout his career. He also doesn’t play much D, and has middling offensive stats. I think the Cs will retract any “interest” they’ve expressed in Marbury in the past, and say “no thank you”. But he might come to us anyway… in which case Danny might take him and TA and trade them both (to a really stupid GM) for a decent big. (Yeah, sure.)

  17. If marbury comes to the C’s i don’t think he will be a problem, because he knows this may be his only oppertunity to win an NBA title. People said Randy Moss was going to be a cancer and destroy the Pats. That didn’t happen, because people can change in the right circumstances. KG, Pierce, and Ray will not let Marbury get out of hand. Marbury is an upgrade to the bench, so i wouldn’t mind having that, even though i don’t like the guy. If we can get him for cheap and only for the rest of this year, then i’m all for this.

  18. Good Question Jesteroo – What Bigs are available? Get employee #8 back for the third time. Three’s a charm.. hahaha.

    Say no to Marbury Danny Ainge you are better than that.

  19. Don’t want Cancerbury.

    Would like another big, but for the moment, Scal has been doing just fine. Poor bastard never gets any credit.

  20. Where’s Vitaly Potapenko when you need him!! Seriously I think he’s still around, the Kings I think. Man I loved his I don’t take shit from anyone attitude, He’s a tough S.O.B. he would fit in perfect!

  21. Has PJ Brown said no way in hell I’m coming back? What about Horry? I would rather see the C’s take a flier on a retired vet than someone like Olakwandi.

  22. I’ve come out and admitted I’m flip-flopping on Marbury. This is no secret. I didn’t want him…and now I do.

  23. I also didn’t want to make the KG trade because I thought KG was overrated.

    Jesus, Tim, people make mistakes in life, ya know. I’m only human.

  24. I’m just here to keep you humble Chuck, that’s all.

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