House Party

eddie-houseI’ve had enough of the Marbury talk today… although you can get more if you’d like it from the Herald and Globe.

Today, I’d like to have a little Eddie House party.  The idea comes from Josh Q. Public… who also posted a video of Eddie going nuts.

And Jim Fenton has a piece on Eddie today all over the Gatehouse Media papers… and it includes the Celtics stars lobbying to get Eddie into the 3 point shootout.

“He’s got one of the quickest triggers in the league and is one of the most accurate shooters over his career,” said Paul Pierce. “It’d be nice to have a representative in the 3-point contest if Ray (Allen) doesn’t do it.”

“We need to get Eddie House in the 3-point contest, that’s what we need to do,” Allen said after Sunday’s easy win over the Mavericks. “That’s something that needs to happen. He’s never been in it, and I think he’s been one of the best shooters in the league over the last couple of years.

I’d love to see Eddie in the contest… but his shot is actually not built for that competition.  He jumps pretty high when he takes a 3.  It’s great in the flow of a game, but by the end of that competition, he’ll lose his legs.  The guys who win those things all barely get off the floor when they shoot.

Eddie talked to NECN about the shooter’s mentality… including how he challenges Ray to shooting contests all the time.

Herald:  Doc charting the stars |  South Coast Today:  C’s defense no longer rests |  Comcast SportsNet:  Patrick O’Bryant weighs in |  ESPN:  Chris Paul almost drops quad dub on Philly


5 Responses

  1. I love E.House. He’s got that fire and passion. The only thing that worries me about him is when he goes cold, he goes real cold. But who has a quicker release than him..? NOONE. Love ya’ E.H.

  2. I agree about his shot not really being suited for the Three Point Shootout. He usually has to catch and pop in the flow of the game. And he does have a huge vertical leap when he releases. It would be great to see him there, but honestly I would rather have the fewest possible Celtics participating in the events. Let’s just take the rest and come out swinging after the break.

  3. Agree with [Erin Andrews loves the] Hardwood. Let’s get our guys some rest during the break. Although I agree with whomever it was on TV who, when asked about who of the seven or so Slam Dunk candidates should be in it, said all of them. And the same goes for the 3 Point Contest. Whoever (within reason) wants to go should be able to go. It’s dumb to restrict it to four people.

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  5. this article gave me fond memories of when Antoine had one of the worst 3-point contest performances I’ve ever seen. good times

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