Another Kings Blowout?

The Celtics absolutely pummeled the Kings (108-63) in Sacramento last month, holding them to 28% shooting. But Doc Rivers is warning the guys about overlooking the 10-36 Kings tonight:

“Because you beat them by 45, they’ll know that,” Rivers said. “People have memories in this league, and they absolutely will be ready. I don’t care if you’re a good team or a bad team or an average team. Every team has pride. They’ll come in and they’ll want to show that was a fluke.”

The Kings did not have Kevin Martin for that first game. But will that matter? They’re 0-19 against the East, have lost 6 straight and Boston is the final stop in a 4 game in 5 nights road trip. Even without Scal, the Celtics should be able to secure their 38th victory of the season.

Another thing we learned about the Kings after that first game: their dancers like to party.

And for what its worth – the 19-26 Bobcats beat the Lakers last night in Los Angeles.

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10 Responses

  1. I hope so. I’m pretty confident on this one. Still…never say never. Celts need to come prepared evry night. If they do, it IS conceivable that we go into the Laker game riding a 12 game winning streak.

  2. even without scal? *rolls eyes* please tell me you’re kidding

  3. C’s should win by thirty anyone else out there having an ICE AGE outside? Global warming my butt

  4. All snow up in NE….like we need more of that.

    Just curious – anyone seen or heard from Lakers Nation? Somehow I remember an influx of “how could you lose to the Bobcats? comments after our loss.

  5. Just curious – anyone seen or heard from Lakers Nation? Somehow I remember an influx of “how could you lose to the Bobcats? comments after our loss.

    LOL. No Shit.

  6. I don’t think we will blow out the Kings but we will win the ball game. The Kings scored 110 on the Cavs and only lost by 7 last night they have some pride. Look for Powe to get some minutes and have a good game.

    Don’t want to rub it in but no ICE AGE happening here. Its around 70 and sunny here in Northern Cali. Don’t hate LOL

  7. I don’t even know how FLaker fans could get on the Celtics about that loss. The Lakers have had as much trouble with these Bobcats as the Celtics have.

  8. Fsantos33 makes a good point. Not only did they score 110 on the Cavs (who have a great defensive record), the Cavs could easily have lost that game if Mo Williams had not scored a CAREER-HIGH 43 points, including 7-12 3s.

    There is no team in the NBA that cannot beat any other team on a given night.

  9. Cmon guys, really? we’re talking about how much they scored against the cavs? talk about irrelevant
    1. Cavs had an off game defensively
    2. Mo williams had career-high for a reason – the kings suck( how many games has a team or player set a personal best or league best against them)

    I wouldnt worry at all about what they did last night for crying out loud, the way our defense has been playing – 0 chance they score over 100

  10. Yeah I agree, this is going to be over in the first half like all the games have been going lately, we put away the suns and mavs in the first half, I think the kings should follow suit

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