Ride ‘Em, Doc

Boston Globe photo

It might seem like Doc haphazardly uses guys like Leon Powe, Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine.  But there is a pattern here.

He rides the hot guy.

It usually takes an injury to make it happen.  That’s how we got to know Leon Powe in the first place.  It’s how Ryan Gomes got off the bench a few years ago.  And it’s how Brian Scalabrine went from “last man off the bench” to “starter/6th man”.

The C’s bench was pretty bad during that late December/early January swoon.  But Scal actually helped shore things up with some pretty solid play.  Eventually, the rest of the bench, including Glen Davis, came around and we started blowing teams out again.  Now that Scal is out with a concussion, it’s time for the next guy to step up again.

Doc’s got no choice but to turn to Leon Powe.  We all know what Leon is capable of.  But his recent struggles, combined with Scal and Baby’s decent play, meant Doc could ride that wave and leave Leon at the end of the bench.  He wasn’t going to stay there permanently.  He was just going to stay there until either Baby or Scal cooled off… or until one of them got hurt.

So expect a lot more time for Leon.  And if he gets hot, then maybe Scal will go back to “last man” duties.


12 Responses

  1. All it takes for most players in this league is a little playing time to get comfortable and get some confidence.

  2. Need my Leon fix. Power to the Powe!

  3. kg = mike tyson in that photo?

  4. U reckon that’s what KG’s saying there??

  5. I agree with the first two comments.

    Hopefully Leon will shake the rust off and start producing again in no time.

  6. I’ll be honest, that picture is creeping me the hell out.

  7. I forget which play that was from last year. I’m pretty sure it’s from the playoffs… maybe the Atlanta series.

  8. I am pretty sure it was from G2 finals after Powe power dunked – KG was pumped.

  9. I’m pretty sure thats the one that KG was punching Powe while he was on the ground.

  10. I think G4L is right. I remember watching that and being like…Good god, KG is going to hurt him. Powe had a look on his face like “get the fuck off me man. I just threw down real hard…let me be the badass that I am.”

  11. Game 1 or 2 of the Atlanta series, not the finals…remember it pretty clearly

  12. Baron is right it was against Atlanta – I found it on youtube about 1:19 into the video. Check out the song LOL

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