Rondo Makes His Case

Rajon Rondo (24 pts, 10-15 FG, 9 assists, 1 TO) sure looked like an All-Star in this one. I’m hoping the coaches who have yet to make up their mind check out the highlights from the Celtics 119-100 win over the Kings.

Unlike most of the games in this 9 game winning streak, the Celtics started sluggish. But the bench provided quite a boost. Eddie House (28 pts, 8-9 3FG) got most of the attention for his insane shooting. But I was more impressed with TA (10 pts, 5-5 FG, 8 reb, 2 stls and one ferocious block on Kevin Martin). He surely didn’t look like a guy who missed 11 games with a sprained ankle. If he keeps playing like this…nevermind. We’ve been down that road too many times.

My brain still has difficulty computing Celtics wins when Paul Pierce (8 pts, 1-5 FG, 8 assists) doesn’t score. Guess those scars from the 2005 – 2007 seasons haven’t fully healed.

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A straightarm right to the chops.” – Tommy Heinsohn on how he’d respond to Brad Miller’s cheap shot on Rondo.


14 Responses

  1. I love the bench play tonight, and Jesus Christ Eddie is hot.

  2. That’s one of the most amazing shooting performances I’ve ever seen.

  3. The house… the house.. the house is on fire!! Let the motha burn!!

    Eddies playing like an All-Star!

  4. I think Rondo will make the team, but he can’t change anyone’s minds tonight. The coaches’ ballots were due to the league office yesterday at 3 PM, meaning that Mo Williams’ berserk 43-point, 7-three performance last night won’t count, either.

    Eddie House is frightening.

  5. Sugar Ray, P2 and RR all make it. Eddie stole the show, but you have to admit what T.A. did in the short time he played was encouraging….

  6. This team is reaching a peak. A little light on defense tonight… imagine if they had played D for real. Offense is just sizzling, in every game lately. Getting hard to imagine losing again….

    I have been hard on TA in the past, but gotta say he’s a good kid. Maybe not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but he aims to please, brings a lot of energy, plays D, and seems to accept his role well.

    Gabe and Leon… still struggling a bit. I think Doc hit it on the head about Powe… he just needs to keep it simple, get the ball in the hoop and stop trying to make statements (slam dunks) or generate contact.

    Got a good feeling about next week’s game with LA.

  7. KG & Rondo are the new Stockton & Malone, except this time it’s symmetric.

    I loved Tommy tonight. “He’s not Eddie House…he’s Eddie Mansion!”

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie!!!!! Loved the crowd!!!!!! He deserves it. @Detroit Next – Keep it up C’s!!!

  9. “I’m hoping the coaches who have yet to make up their mind check out the highlights from the Celtics 119-100 win over the Kings.”

    I believe coaches’ all-star reserve ballots were due on Tuesday, with results announced today.

  10. […] hapless Kings Celtics 24/7 Rondo, bench lead C’s to 9th straight victory Red’s Army Rondo makes his case Ride ‘em Doc Perkisabeast Best bargain in the NBA part deux ProJo Scalabrine out up to 10 […]

  11. Great perfromance guys…this win we’re about to get next on the 5th will be even sweeter since your so hot…kinda like last time…

    Hey Bill…can you explain the “symmetric” thing you got goin’ on over there?

    If your under 13 years of age, live in Southy (or any where near the Mason-Dixon line) and /or are a woman, then please …you don’t have to answer…I understand.

    Go Lakers

  12. Symmetric: Rondo passes to KG, but KG also passes to Rondo. From what I remember, it was only Stockton to Malone.

  13. Inferno, there are two major differences between the Celtics going into Christmas and the Celtics going into next Thursday: the bench and Rondo’s jumper.

    During the 19 game winning streak, the bench was playing no where near as good as they are right now. Especially Eddie House and Glen Davis.

    And while Rondo played well during the 19 game winning streak, he was taking practically no jumpers. Over the last 7 or so games, Rondo has taken at least 2-3 jumpers a game (which, for him, is huge) and most importantly, he’s making them. Kobe’s help defense won’t be as much of a factor if Rondo can make him pay by hitting those jumpers with confidence, which is what he has been doing lately.

  14. Cs lost 2 games in the Finals too, both in LA. But remember game 6? I smell deja vu all over again.

    I just don’t see LA as a key issue this year. It’s CleBron we should be thinking about. Guy’s a beast, and they are not slowing down (yet).

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