Anyone Hiring A Tiny Acrobat?


We got an email about this… but the Celtics prefer to respond to “legitimate” outlets like the Globe.

Basketball sources confirmed to the Globe today that the Celtics have dismissed Damon Blust, the man who played mascot Lucky the Leprechaun.

The Globe is investigating the reason for Blust’s departure.


15 Responses

  1. Maybe they can fire the butterface dancers too, so Red can stop turning in his grave.

  2. Wow. Lucky got shitcanned. Can’t wait for the back story on that one. Perhaps some inappropriate behavior with some of the dancers?

  3. Pretty sure Lucky is a recovering addict, and may have fallen off the wagon recently.

    Also heard there may be domestic violence issues. Especially considering how carefully worded about it being “mutual” in the Celtics press release was.

  4. Maybe it had to do with the Conan O’Brien appearance.. probably not, but you never know.

  5. hate to pour it on a guy during these times but Dano is right, on his first point.

  6. hate to speculate but dano is right on his first point, could be the reason.

  7. He admitted the recovering part as much in an interview he did a while back. Part of the reason the Celtics dismissed him was for missing scheduled team appearances and arguing with his boss.

    Even I can do that much math.

    The second part (domestic issues) is just a rumor I read somewhere, but those two things tend to be like peas and carrots.

  8. Wow – you guys are harsh. So maybe Lucky likes to get trashed and slap the little lady around (how little would she have to be?) Looking like Scal’s mini-me probably drove hime to it. Danny should replace him with Nate Robinson.

    As for the other point, I too love tradition, but I’m afraid I love boobies even more. Don’t be hatin on boobies.

  9. I’m in DC for work this week and went to Monday’s Wizards game vs. the Suns. I had no idea the Wiz mascot was a guy dressed in a blue suit that is called “G-Man”. Worst mascot ever.

    Also being at that game reminded me of being at a Celtics game three years ago. At one point the Wizards were up by 6 and the Suns chipped away at the lead and were up by FOUR points early in the third and all the Wiz fans around me said “well, its over”. Took me back to all those years when we were AWFUL.

    They didn’t even have a HALFTIME show. Shameful.

    Heres to you lucky, I thought of you when “G-Man” was doing your patented trampoline antics between the 3rd and 4th qtrs.

  10. My sister has a half-season package and we interacted with Lucky alot. He seemed like a good guy. He would always make his way to every kid, parent or drunken idiot that wanted a picture with him. Too bad. We’ll miss ya’ Luck. Hope you are alright…

  11. lucky was a horrible mascot…he wanted to be like like phoenix’s gorilla but in a stupid asss outfit instead of a kick ass gorilla suit.

  12. I am very saddened by the news. I hope very much he somehow comes back.

    I sure as heck don’t want to see some fool in a felt teletubbie suit.

    Lucky T-Shirts?

  13. I’m bummed about this, too. While most of us like to point and laugh at everyone, Lucky really did fit in and fill niche that was needed around there. Anyone who sat through games just a couple of years ago when the team never won understands what I’m talking about.

    That being said, my sources say his ego is pretty big and he ticked off many behind the scenes. Can’t say I’m surprised with that. Ego can come back to bite you in your jumpy little ass.

  14. I don’t feel sorry for this dude at all. Apparently he was a complete d-bag to everyone. I don’t care what team you’re on…if you’re the mascot you don’t have the right to be a d-bag to anyone. This was his quote about getting fired:

    “At 33 I’m not getting any younger, and like most professional athletes there comes a time to step out of the spotlight and focus on a career that can be sustained at an older age.”

    That, of course, is complete BS. We can easily find another little acrobat who, with a little training, can easily do what Lucky did.

  15. I hired Damon Blust in 2002 for an acrobatic dunk tour and had to fire him. One, because he was an idiot. Two, he abused drugs and also had major anger issues which fell upon his girlfriend at the time.

    Karma is a bitch! Once an idiot always an idiot.

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