Don’t Do It Eddie

“Eddie’s in a special place right now, and I know how he feels. It feels like every time he shoots, it’s going to go in, no matter who’s on him, who he is playing against. I can tell the way he’s shooting it that he feels that every shot is going to go in.”

That’s Paul Pierce on “Eddie Mansion.” The Celtics are making a big push to get Eddie into the 3-Point Shooting contest during All-Star weekend.  Sure it will be fun, but Eddie won’t win. His shot is all legs. He will get tired.

Today’s Links:  Globe – C’s Bring Down the House | Subs Improved Play | Tony Allen Returns | Herald – Streak Hits 9 | Scal Takes Slow Road Back | Very, Very Fine Eddie House


5 Responses

  1. Great win and good minutes for everybody. 12 dudes saw the floor.

    Nothing on Andrew Bynum assaulting Gerald Wallace??

  2. Did Bynum get suspended yet?

  3. Looks like the league is going to ignore that Bynum flagrant (so far anyway). Getting it wrong again… Wallace is out for a month.

    Speaking of which… if Scal’s still dizzy, he did not have a “mild” concussion, but something more serious. And let’s remember that HE got the foul on that play… the refereeing in this league is just criminally bad, rotten to the core.

  4. According to Doc, Eddie won’t care if he wins, he just wants the free flight to AZ.

  5. Plus you get 35 large for winning, 22 for second and 15 for third. Fourth through sixth get 4500. Then there’s the food and parties.

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