Kobe Fears Dog Poop

Here’s a blurb from Kobe Bryant’s interview with Complex.com (whatever that is):

Complex.com: Talk to me about a private failure that wasn’t in the headlines, the thing that just keeps you up at night. Something people can relate to. Not necessarily a public thing, but a thing you twist and turn over.

Kobe Bryant: [Long pause] Dog—-? Like, I hate dog—-. I have a dog and I do not clean the crap outside. It’s a phobia. It drives me crazy. You wake up in the morning and you think, Damn, this big ol’ German shepherd probably just took a crap outside in the yard, and I gotta wake up and go pick it up. That is something that keeps me tossin’ and turnin’. Does that qualify?

It’s time to get creative people. Let’s parlay this into some cool signs at the Garden on Feb. 5th.


12 Responses

  1. Yes we need to incorporate the flaming bag of dog shit into this somehow ahahaha.

    You can buy those little pieces of plastic that look like dog shit. Oh I could think of so many things that could be done with that. Most of which would likely involve me getting tossed from the Garden. And I simply am not willing to get tossed from that game!

  2. OK! What we need is a new vendor at the home game…dog-shit-on-a-stick. We could be waiving thousands of dog turds at the Big Douche, make him sweat, get dizzy, have a panic attack.

    Or have everyone just bring an O’Henry Bar to the game.

    BTW…what is hanging from that dog’s ass? Is that a poop-catcher?

  3. Yeah… a poop catcher. I think that’s worse. Just buy a pooper scooper.

  4. omg, the image of thousands of fans waving O’Henry bars at Kobe is just too funny. what would the tv guys even say about that?!? too funny……

  5. … waving their bars, and singing “you ain’t nothing but a hound doggg, cryin’ all the time…”

  6. kobe is such a homo

  7. what a loser.
    Our dog is trained and will poop outside the house.

  8. Just watched the all star reserves selection on TNT. No Ray and No Rondo. R. Lewis from Orlando made it?? Wow, I thought for sure Ray would make it. Pierce got in as expected.

  9. Rashard Lewis is so soft.

  10. Devin Harris has been spanked multiple times by Rondo this season (as most of the PGs in the league), yet he is in and Rajon is not. I’d call this decision at least “questionable”.

  11. I am sure John and Chuck are working on a new header so we can sound off – Good thing is Ray is a prideful guy so look for him to use this (Snub) as motivation against upcoming opponents and so would Rondo.

  12. Lol, its because he stepped on dog shit with his Jordans once when he was a kid. He could never get it out. True story, he said it on Best Damn.

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