Ray Gets Screwed

Paul Pierce is the only other Celtic joining Kevin Garnett at the All-Star game. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo didn’t make the cut. Here are the rest of the East reserves:

  • Chris Bosh
  • Joe Johnson
  • Danny Granger
  • Jameer Nelson
  • Rashard Lewis
  • Devin Harris

Yes….Rashard Lewis. Am I the only one suprised? Here’s a look at the stats:

Ray Allen –  18ppg, 50% FG, 41% 3FG, 93% FT, 3.4 reb, .98 stls, 2.8 assists

R. Lewis – 19.3 ppg, 45% FG, 42% 3FG, 82% FT, 6 reb, 1.2 stls, 2.6 assists

Very close. But when you run with the defending champs, you should get the nod. When you play third fiddle for a pretender, you have to wait til next year.

For those wondering:

The All-Star reserves are selected by the 30 NBA head coaches, who voted for seven players in their own conference, but not from their own team. Phil Jackson will coach the West team on the basis of his Lakers clinching the conference’s best winning percentage through Feb. 1. The East will be coached by either Cleveland’s Mike Brown or Orlando’s Stan Van Gundy. Boston’s Doc Rivers coached the East All-Stars last season and is therefore ineligible to coach this year’s squad.


41 Responses

  1. Agreed Chuck – Orlando gets 3 players in the game that’s BS. Like I said on the other post Ray Ray and Rondo will use this as extra motivation and take it out on their upcoming opponents. More rest for Ray Ray.

  2. Come on he lost a jump ball to a 6’1” PG on national television that’s enough to disqualify him from making the list.

  3. All Star game is a big joke, a circus. I’d rather none of our guys went and just rested / practiced.

  4. Who cares…more rest-less stress. Breana..who are you referring to…?

  5. ps The only reason most people watch the All-Star game anymore anyways is to see which cool sneakers players will wear. I would’ve liked to see Ray in a cool new pair of Jordans, but, oh well. More rest……

  6. The magic deserve more all-stars than any team in the league? really? what a joke

  7. kwapt…

    breana was refering to rajon winning a jump against rashard in the bos-orl game.

  8. stats are overrated. this shit is whack

  9. would you people stop being selfish and talking about rest? shut up already, that is the most overrated thing possible,,,if ray allen plays a few minutes in an all star game hes gonna be more tired then if he didnt? not buying it..these guys are basketball players, please.

  10. Thanks rush..Baron, don’t get me wrong, I think Ray should’ve gone too. But what am I gonna do..? Write some big rant about it and whine..? No-it’s done-great. Now let’s move the f on and win Banner 18. Sheesh….

  11. Didn’t we blow out the Magic just last week?
    … Magic just blew out the Cleveland.
    Didn’t our 2nd string forward OWN D Howard last week?
    … Howard just went 22-18 against Cleveland.
    Who has the best record in the NBA?
    … Hint: think green

  12. No Baron you would be surprised, a weekend away with the family to relax and rest your body and mind can do wonders for a player. Take a break from all the hoopla. Get you ready for the next half of the season, don’t overlook how effective that can be

  13. Rashard is a forward, that’s why he made the team… less competition in the East for a 3/4.

    I’d rather the Celtics got some rest, but it would have been nice to see Ray make it again (and three Celtics does make a little more sense than three Magic, though the Magic have been very very good).

    Ray deserved it more this year than last year. Oh well.

  14. DRJ, the all star results were out before the Cleveland game…

  15. I wouldnt be as mad if 3 gdamn Magic didnt make it, that seriously irks me, if 2 players from cle/bos/orl each make it…fine…but magic with more players in it then anyone? huh? what? REALLY? jameer effin nelson? wow, I guess the PG’s in the east SUCK

  16. Nora.. I know. Wasn’t arguing the All Star list (cuz I don’t give a damn about it). Just pointing out the new reality. :)

  17. We have our All star game in June when the rest of these “All stars” are watching us!!! I’d rather have KG and PP get their rest, they have both had their fair share of All Star games all they really want is the RING!!!

  18. Some coaches probably got swooned because Lewis is making about 3 (2.9) 3-pointers a game. Ray Allen is not far off at all, averaging 2.4 (and good for 4th highest), but maybe the coaches thought there was something magical about making 3 per game. Just my guess.

  19. Yeah, let me just explain why I don’t give a damn about the All Star game. AS selection (or non-selection) is a measure of what OTHER people think about our guys. Last year, most OTHER people thought we would lose the Finals to LA. What OTHER people think is very close to irrelevant… if anything, it just lights a fire under our guys. Good. Let the fire burn baby.

  20. It’s obvious we are the least liked around the league….I was watching TNT tonight when Kenny Gary and CWeb all thought that either the Cavs or the Magic were the best team in the east. CWebb and GP annnnoy the hell out of me first and for most, they bable more than the make any sence so who gives a crap about what they have to say. WE have the best team in the league not just because we are the defending champs but because we DO have the best record in the league!! Let the haters hate because it’s going to be a repeat of last year!!! We will be the champs in 2009…..sorry haters.

  21. Apprently respect is not earned because if it was Celtics would have more respect since they are the defending champions with the best record.

  22. jameer nelson?!? over Rondo?? Rashard Lewis is winning shooting lights out but no way you have jameer at guard over Ray or rondo

  23. Shady35 – I used to get mad like youself about TNT, ABC, and ESPN overall the media. I am over it and you have to do the same. The NBA Media favors Lakers and Cavs even Orlando because they sell…. All about the $$$$$$ period. Kobe, Lebron and Howard sell more than our beloved C’s. Look who’s talking on TV? Any former Celtic players? NO. Cwebb, GP, Barkley, Kenny, & Snow all hate the Celtics for good reasons. Look what teams they used to play for… No worries bro I got over it so can you.

  24. Couldn’t agree more about the crew at TNT… esp GP-the-unintelligible. Bunch of morons (but Payton is in his own universe of idiocy). But as for getting no respect… all that is GOOD. It’s exactly what happened last year, and that turned out alright didn’t it.

    Based on what we saw from the Cavs tonight, and how we demolished… really overwhelmed the Magic last week… I think the Cs are gonna blow out team after team going forward. They’re playing on another level now. Oh, they may occasionally lose, but generally only when the league decides to tell the refs to make sure of it… which they do from time to time, clearly, to maintain the appearance that things are close, etc.

  25. Fsantos33–You have a great point I never thought about, all these X-players have lost to the C’s in their career but they also lost to the Lakers but the Lakers have the glits and glamer the C’s are just old school, they just have more banners than the rest of the league…..lol. Let them hate I just wish Rondo could of made the All Star team but I guess he’s young and he’ll have his time to shine in the years to come. One last thing, GP just looks like an ass everytime he opens his mouth, he tries to be funny but it’s just annnnoying as hell I mean who gives a shit if he can dance!!

  26. Don’t let Gp get on you man. Gp is from the slumps of Oakland. Gp is all about West Coast shit grew up playing ball and smoking weed with E40, JR Rider and other Rappers. He was probably still HIGH.

    So, Call me crazy. What do you think or everyone from this site think of bringing unemployed #8 Walker back for the third time? I know it sounds crazy and desperate but I think he still has something to proof. His big head and overweight may not be great but his experience and passing maybe some rebounding may help…. What do you guys think? I know you guys going to kick my ass for it.

  27. Ray Allen snubbed again!!! It’s the fault of the fans who voted in Iverson as a starter. AI does not deserve to be an All-Star this season. This year was also too early for Jameer Nelson. All of a sudden there was this bandwagon for Nelson. If it was between Nelson and Rondo/Allen, the coaches should have gone with the Celtics. The Magic didn’t even beat the Celtics in their matchup!!! That 2-7 string of 9 games really hurt their chances though. Oh well. Had they gone maybe at least 6-3 in that stretch and have only 5 losses right now, Rondo and Allen would have been All-Stars. What the hell happened during those 9 games???!!!! The Celtics could have had 4 All-Stars!!! The Magic stole two positions this year. WTF?!

  28. zZZzzzZZZzzzZz ….did the playoffs start yet?

  29. I dont know if anyone is saying this or not but…. i think Ray #20 got snubbed by ol’ #34… He’s been the most consistent scorer on the #1 team in the leauge …the same way Kevin Youkilis #20 gets snubbed by big ol’ #34 even when he’s having a better season.

    Fact: DO NOT pick the jersey #20 you’ll make more all star appearances – Fact

    also: TNT the Jim Beam “girlfriend” commercial with the model …Armani …wow …go buy a bottle to show those guys theyre doing a good job.

  30. ok seriously wake me up for the Celtics/Lakers game….and then don’t bug me until the playoffs ZZZZzzzZzzzZZzz

  31. Hey Rj… even money it’ll be the Spurs this year

  32. Rj– I LOVEEE that model from the Jim Beam commercial she is HOT!!

  33. I know this was about Ray but one other player that got the ROYAL screw I think was are old friend BIG Al Jefferson, this kid is a double double machine and he got passed up, come on David West makes it?? Big Al deserved to be a reserve.

  34. RASHARD LEWIS? RASHARD MOTHERFUCKING LEWIS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Jameer Nelson is enough of a stretch. Fuck. Dwight Howard is a stretch. Bosh? Barely. Mo Williams should have Nelson’s spot and Ray should have Lewis’s spot. This is absolutely inexcusable! Did the whole goddamn league forget that the Boston Celtics are the defending world fucking champions? Did the whole stupid fucking league forget that Boston Celtics set the record for the league’s best ever start? Did this goddamn retarded league forget that Ray was almost left off the All-Star team last year and subsequently shot the air out of the fucking ball and was the true MVP of the All-Star Game?

    People in this league are so fucking dumb. This is the type of league that puts Gary motherfucking Payton on its broadcast, a guy who can’t separate his feelings from fact and can’t form complete goddamn sentences.

    Let me tell you all the Magic are the most overrated team on the planet. Their center, the supposed future MVP, has no moves and no down-low talent. If he weren’t 6-11 260 he’d be flipping burgers. Hedo Turkoglu? Give me a break. Go back to Ankara.

    I guarantee–I’ll even put a year’s salary up on this promise–that the Magic won’t get anywhere near the ECF. Cleveland will be the 2 seed and they will bend Orlando over in the Conference Semis. Cleveland will make Orlando its girlfriend. Cleveland will make Orlando love them.

    Fuck this league. So fucking stupid. Enjoy the break Ray and Rajon. Don’t go to the party Eddie. Stay home Paul and KG. Boycott that over-hyped circus. Get your rest and come back and dominate this bitch league. 75% of this league won’t get within a mile of the trophy. They’re too fucking stupid.

  35. Ok.. let’s not go nuts here. Dwight Howard is an absolute lock choice for the All Star game. Who else are you going to put at center? Yeah, he needs to work on his low post game, but his raw athleticism is pretty amazing and more than enough to make him a dominant player on most nights.

    Rashard Lewis is a stretch… but Orlando is surprising people… so that probably elevates what’s happening to some people.

  36. Okafor, Perk, Ilgauskas, Horford

    Wait till March 8. Perk has and will show the world how overrated Howard is. I know he’s big and athletic. But that’s all he has. Take that away and he’s nothing. Keep him 3 feet from the rim and he’s nothing. And don’t get me started about the Sprite Layup contest. “Ooh look at me! I’m wearing a cape! That warrants a 50! I deserve to win because I’m wearing a halloween costume from Rite-Aid.”

  37. Bill, you can’t honesty put any of those guys above Howard. It would just be ridiculous. Howard is averaging 20pts, 14 rebs, and 3 blocks. It would be a travesty is he weren’t the East starting center. I was very critical a few posts ago when a blogger called him the “best pure center of the present day era.” I mean, he has NO post game and not even a hint of a shot. But, as John mentioned, his athleticism and stats are too hard to ignore.

    I’m laughing really hard about your comment on his Superman dunk, though. I was never a fan of that. I don’t understand why everyone that it was awesome. A) He took off from well inside the free throw line. B) Even taking off from where he did, he couldn’t even reach the rim. C) He didn’t even dunk it, as he came several inches from touching the rim. To me, that was an insult to the dunks that used to get thrown down in old dunk contests (the days of Chocolate Thunder, Isiah Rider, Shawn Kemp, MJ…or VC even, who I consider to be one of the best dunkers ever). It just goes to show how stupid people are and how easily they can get caught up in gimmicks.

  38. RJ – dont make this about ray vs PP, they dont even play the same position and pierce deserved it, period..as much as KG…ray got snubbed by 2 fucking average players from the gdamn magic making the reserves

  39. FSantos33 is the man! Hey, I stumbled upon a great, free site that I’d like to share with all my Red’sArmy buddies. If you like the “Jim Beam girl”, then try http://www.supertangas.com. Go to the “freestyle videos” Ay..caramba!!!

  40. Nice call KWAPT…

    I can’t choose between Victoria or Gattina…forget the All-stars!

  41. KWAPT you are the Man!! Isabel is the one – She is ready to rock and roll. NICE! Bonita!

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