Like Old Times

Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

While the Celtics and Pistons mucked it up for 3 quarters, I fought hard to stay awake (Yes…I am that lame on a Friday night). Then it happened. Perk body slammed Jason Maxiell midway through the 4th. I awoke and so did the crowd at the Palace.

Perk was ejected for the flagrant 2. Once Maxiell got up off the floor, he started pushing everyone in a green jersey. But after Maxiell butchered the free throws, the Celtics seized the momentum and went on an 8-2 run (thanks to a couple of Big Baby hustle plays) to extend their lead to 11. Detroit clawed back, but the Celtics were the ones to make the key plays down the stretch:

Rondo fantastic lob to KG (22 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks) for a dunk with 2:20 left.

KG strips Rip Hamilton with 1:01 left and the Celtics up 5.

Paul Pierce (20 pts, 5 reb, 5 assists) drives and dishes to KG for a layup with :36 left…Celtics up 7.

Celtics 86 Detroit 78| Box Score | Recap

That kinda sparked us, the guys rallied around Perk.” – Paul Pierce after the flagrant foul


19 Responses

  1. Damn PERK!! WWF’d Maxie pads… I guess his wallet will be lighter and we won’t see him vs. the Wolves on Sunday. Nice, tough fought win. Its Bossssssssston Basketballllllllllll!

  2. If Bynum is not suspended neither should Perk. But being consistent and the NBA is not the norm esp. when Celtics are brought in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suspend him but based on what others get away with it is still not right.

  3. It’s funny to think Perk got tossed and may be suspended for that….

    …. but they never called a foul on Robert Parrish for hitting Bill Laimbeer with a 3 karate chop combo

  4. Additional suspension would be ridiculous but as someone said, NBA could do it just cause it’s the Celtics. Great game… hardly any 3-pointers from Ray or Eddie, almost nothing from the bench, Perk thrown out, refs trying their hardest to make us lose… and we win anyway. Cs are on fire.

  5. The Chief gave Lame-Beer a classic helicopter deluxe – Only reason I think Perk will get one game suspension is because he went to the head followed by a body slam. How many T’s is that for Perk? I think is around 11 or 12 now.

  6. red– refs have been nuts for decades it seems. but if parrish did that today… well, it’s hard to say how far the league would go… suspension for the season? shot at dawn? who knows

  7. The reason Perk will get suspended is because he has the rep as a tough aggressive big guy.

  8. Also because he is a Celtic. Automatic suspension.

  9. Maxiell is scum..
    This foul is no different then the one shaq laid down on stuckey or the one bynum laid down on Gerald earlier in the season and they didnt get suspended…if perk gets suspended the league is a joke and clearly hate the celtics…hard foul, deserved to get tossed, but so did maxiell, especially for punching rondo and pushing perk, scumbag…perk couldve retaliated more and didnt, I cant say id do the same,,the league should be happy

  10. I am going to hate not seeing Perk go against Big Al.

  11. I believe Laimbeer was also ejected from that game after Parish hit him. But fighting was not as frowned upon in the 80’s then it is now.

  12. I love it!!! Perk is our enforcer, you bring in the paint and he’s going to make you pay!!! Great job Perk I just wish he would of fouled him without going for the head, then it would of just been a flagerent 1 maybe. Oh well he can just rest the shoulder…lol

  13. Also, the Pistons put up a banner for Kid Rock selling out 18 concerts there…

  14. perks actions/being thrown out should be applauded

    celtics need to maintain their intimidation/we’re more badass than you for when they face the other big teams in the league

  15. Everyone – Look at the Photo again… Did you see it? Look at Eddie’s face in the back… Whoa… Eddie is like “HOLY SHIT!”

  16. Well all he had to do was commit the foul and not throw him down like a punk! Come on Perk you know better than that! Imagine if that was one was against the Magic or the Cavs deep in the playoffs!

  17. Its true we need to keep that intimidation! & don’t worry about him losing his money.. cuz he’ll make it up gambeling with the other guys.

  18. For that move, Kendrik is hereby awarded his Judo Brown Belt. Nice form, excellent balance.

  19. To answer NYCelt84 — Parrish was not thrown out, and unbelievably, did not even receive a foul, technical or otherwise. Same for Laimbeer. This was literally a series of hard punches, thrown from behind, by Parrish to Laimbeer’s face. There was no immediate provocation (tho Laimbeer had fought with Bird in a prior game). Laimbeer mouth was all bloody, and it looked like he lost a tooth too.

    Is the NBA nuts, or what?

    Actually, Laimbeer could have filed a lawsuit, and more than that, Parrish could have had criminal charges filed against him, because his actions were way way beyond the parameters of the game. But in fact, nothing was done.

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