The NBA Hates Its Rookies


Don’t get me wrong… I’d kill to be good enough at basketball to wear ANY jersey… and I’m happy that kid won a contest to design the uniforms.

But you gotta think Derrick Rose is picking that thing up and thinking “I gotta where this thing?  It looks like a night gown.”

(Via BallDon’tLie)


13 Responses

  1. Ok…he won the contest, that’s cool…but that’s what he came up with? Ehhh…

  2. Are they actually going to have to wear those during the Rookie-Sophmore game..? Also, does anyone know when the field for the 3 pt. shootout will be announced…?

  3. Playing Pajamas.

  4. The NBA: Where purple polkadot nightgowns that say “Rookies” across the chest happens.

  5. If that was the design that won, what in the hell do the ones that LOST look like???

  6. Thats a good point Matty S.

  7. It’s been a great rookie class this year…

    Rose, Westbrook, Lopez, Beasley, Mayo, Gordon. These guys aren’t just getting minutes. They’re filling up stat sheets.

  8. …all dudes who belong in the All-Star Game ahead of Howard, Nelson and Rashard “my shot looks like I have Down Syndrome” Lewis.

  9. That jersey looks like a Jar of Smuckers Grape Jelly – Doesn’t matter the NBA approved it and the kid won so good for him.

  10. It looks uglier every time I look at it.

  11. It might grow on you Scott.. Look at it again tomorrow LOL

  12. Congratulations OJ, here’s your one-sie.

  13. He looks like a 10 years old little girl !!

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