Johnny Would Have Been Proud

This is awesome for old school guys like me.

All anyone else needs to know is that Johnny Most would practically be blowing Perk for giving the Pistons a taste of their own medicine.

God… I miss those days.


10 Responses

  1. Great stuff. Yeah those were the “Glory Days”. But these next few years could be pretty glorious to if things play out right. Don’t know if anyone heard, Andrew Bynum had to be helped off the floor in the 1st quarter tonight after spraining his right knee pretty badly…

  2. thank you…that was classsic :)

  3. Sorry..this has nothing to do with Johnny Most-but if you guys are bored this weekend and want a good laugh, use this link to see just how pathetic Lakers fans are:

    Go Green!

  4. I don’t think this Detroit team is culpable for things that happened 20 years ago…. O well, hope for no suspension.

    It occurs to me that the Cs are the only real “team” in contention. Cleveland is NOTHING without Lebron, LA would be hopeless without Kobe, Magic pretty wasted without Howard. (The worst is Miami without Wade… ay caramba.) But there is no one guy on our team without which the Celtics fall apart. Well… maybe Rondo. But you get the idea… Cs are not dependent on any single player, whereas all the other contenders are, to one extent or another.

  5. Great point-the Cavs are NADA w/out Bron. The Magic have a couple decent scorers in Nelson and Lewis, but clearly Howard’s presence makes them both more dangerous and Kobe is..we’ll we all know. By the way, looks like Bynum may be out Thursday night and even longer…

  6. Bring back the forums.

  7. Can’t beleive the lead story wasn’t Bynum’s knee…enjoy another banner this year is he’s not able to come back…

    Go Doctors, Trainers and Knee Specialists

  8. Tim, the link to the forums has been sitting there for a while now. It’s under the twitter logo.

  9. My fault John I never saw it there.

    I was just thinking, maybe if you advertised it a little before the Lakers game… that might get people in there again? Just a suggestion.

  10. Thank you Stephen A. Inferno – Maybe Great Western Forum Nation should tell Kobe not to fall on his own guy’s Bydumb knee.

    Come back ByByenum – We miss you. Come to Boston Please.

    Go Lakers

    PS: Keep working on the excuses – We’ll Sit KG on the 5th with the Flu if Bybye will play.

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