Perk’s Side of the Story

“I tried to foul him by hitting his arms, but he stuck his neck down,” Perkins said. “It was not like I wanted to hit him that hard. I never try to hurt anybody. I wanted to give him a hard foul and I closed my eyes, so I don’t know how I hit him. He pushed me in the back. I’ll face the consequences but I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.”

Perk says he wasn’t trying to hurt Maxiell and I believe him. Flagrant 2 foults are not automatic suspensions, and it’s not like Maxiell suffered a punctured lung. He bounced off the floor immediately. With that said, I fully expect Perk to miss tomorrow’s game against the T-Wolves. His reputation will secure the suspension.

The Celtics will likely be without their starting and backup (Scalabrine) centers. It will be fun watching KG square off against Jefferson. I expect Big Baby and/or Leon to bang with Craig Smith. For what it’s worth, the Lakers throttled the Wolves last night.

Considering the Celtics had won their last 7 by nearly 20 ppg, this game was fun. Although, I did think Doc went with Eddie (instead of Pierce) for too long in the 4th. The C’s have won their last 5 over the Pistons, taking some of the joy out of this rivalry. Don’t worry Detroit, you’ll be back in a few years.

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8 Responses

  1. I’m not sure you can base ramifications on a comparison basis. Of course he didn’t suffer a punctured lung, he was hit in the neck. Whether or not that was intentional, it just didn’t look good. I’m not saying whether he should or shouldn’t be suspended; but if he is, there is no way that this can be compared to Bynum’s elbow to a considerably smaller Gerald Wallace.

  2. It was a bitch move, but if it can make this a better rivalry like it used to be then I’m all for it.

    Anything to not have to see Sheed and Garnett’s sweet embraces.

  3. House didn’t get as many touches last night against Detroit. Why? Because he had to go back to playing PG so that TA can play off-guard. Hmmmmm… House in the last 2 games? 15 three-pointers. Last night? 1-3 behind the arc.
    Gabe Pruitt needs to find his way BACK into the rotation, and let Eddi3 Hous3 get back to being a roamer + spot up shooter, instead of carrying the ball up and setting up the offense. House hit 15 three pointers in the last 2 games! And he was 15/20!! An astounding 75%!!!!!!

    Tony Allen is an offensive liability. He is the kind player you see in middle or high school: when he touches the ball, he knows what he wants to do with it instead of seeing what is open and what he can do with the ball next. Instead of trying to create, he just does. It’s sort of like playing old school sport games on Nintendo (the 8-bit kind): you pick the play ahead of time, and hope that it works. Actual professional basketball players that are GOOD can change their game plans on the spot. TA lacks this ability. He hasn’t developed at all like the Celts thought he would. It is time to part ways. Get rid of him. Give Gabe more time at PG, and move Eddi3 back to SG for the second unit so he can drain-o all day-o.

    My rambles:

  4. I’m not a big fan of the post game hugs and handshakes in any sport.I dont remember larry bird hugging any oppents after a game.Next thing you know they’ll be hugging the refs after the game.

  5. Perk’s explanation is pretty much what I thought at the time.
    – He put his arms up intending to stop the layup
    – He started to bring his arms down to do just that
    – Maxiell’s neck ended up right in his arm
    – At this point, instinct took over. What do you do when you are a Beast, and your opponent sticks his neck into your arm as it’s swinging down? Quick, you literally have 1/10 second or less to decide. Answer: you hammerlock him to the ground, because you’re a Beast.

    Perk’s a good kid who wants to follow the rules. But he is who he is. This was instinct, a feral, lower brain almost autonomic reflex. Though it may have looked it, it was not intentional.

    Btw, did you see Doc’s face? It was like “Come on, you did NOT just do that!?”

  6. Perk better not get suspended, cause the foul wasn’t even that bad. In the 90’s, this would probably just be a hard foul, maybe a technical, but not an automatic ejection. The NBA has gotten soft, the game was a lot better when it was more physical.

  7. LOL at people criticizing KG for “embracing” Sheed after the game, if he pushed him or talked trash (or ignored him even), the media would take the “KG’s a bully” act and run with it…

  8. I agree Nickels-any excuse to H-A-T-E. Everybody hates a champion-especially losers in Detroit who lose in the Conference Finals just about every season…lol

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