The Foul


15 Responses

  1. Ugh, I despise mike breen and the espn commentators…theres a better version with mike/donny out there

  2. I don’t buy the explanation that it wasn’t intentional. It was intentional all the way. His reaction after the play solidified it for me. But I love Perk for it. He’s probably getting revenge on that bitch ass Maxiell for that hard foul on Rondo last year.

  3. I’ve been wondering how Perk was able to throw down a dude of Maxiell’s size. But after watching the replay, you can see Perk also use his hip to bump out Maxiell’s legs – making the throwdown possible. Great move Perk!

  4. Bill, what reaction are you speaking of? him walking away looking remorseful and then leaving when ejected? i dont think he had any reaction, its the same expression thats always on his face – and I cant say it enough, Perk couldve turned around and punched maxiell in the face after he got pushed – but he did nothing…also maxiell isnt that big, BBD came in, and hes taller and bigger than “the thug”

  5. You’re right Baron. Perk was instantly remorseful. It was a split-second instinctive move which he knew was wrong. Poor Doc just couldn’t believe it.

  6. “Wind up…impact…follow through…” WTF, that announcer is getting a tad dramatic with that commentary.

  7. I think he looks guilty as he begins to walk away. I see an “I deserve it” expression after Maxiell shoves him. If it were completely innocent, I think he would have either tried to help him up or retaliated to the push.

  8. Perk is just doing what he gets paid for. He didn’t hurt anyone and I think he knew he kinda fould alittle too hard & thats why there was not reaction to the shove by Maxiell.

    Perk is a bigger man for not reacting.

  9. What about the foul on House!!!!

  10. What was Maxiell’s reaction as he body slammed Rondo while he was in the air lastyear?

  11. “I’m a big fucking tool and my team is about to get routed by the eventual World Champion Boston Celtics and there’s not a goddamn thing I can do about it”

  12. What are you guys talking about Perkins being the better man. That was a freaken dirty foul. I mean if he hooked his head and just let him fall then yeah it’s just a hard foul, but when someone hooks your head and throws you down then that’s a dirty ass foul. Also him walking away doesn’t make him a better man. He got his hit when he threw him down and all Maxiell was able to do was do a little shove. Hell if i was able to throw someone down like and walk away without even a scratch i’ll be happy as a clam.

  13. Maybe you should clam up Tom, it was a hard and excessive foul for sure, but its not like he tried to hurt the guy. Watch this:

    Hard foul? Yes. Was he tryin to hurt Rondo? Doubt it. Eye for an eye, paybacks a bitch. That shit dont fly in Perks house!

  14. Anyone who has played basketball knows how to foul someone without getting kicked out of a game. If Perkins wanted to stop Maxiell from continuing the play, he would have tied Maxiell’s hand up with his left arm. His left arm wasn’t in the play… bad foul.

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