No Word On Perk

First, let me start by thanking the fine people at Tanqueray for the splitting headache I have this morning.  Damn you Tony Sinclair… you make drinking look so cool.  But there’s nothing cool about getting thrown out of an Applebee’s.  To be fair, that kid in the high chair started it.

Hopefully this fog clears in time for the game at noon.  Still no word on Kendrick Perkins and any potential punishment for the love tap he gave Jason Maxiell.  The Celtics are going to need him today because the TWolves are suddenly no joke.  Al Jefferson is on fire.  Look at his game log.  34 and 13 against the Lakers…. 24 and 6, 23 and 10, 39 and 9…. just keep going.  He’s having a ridiculous year.  I don’t get how he’s not an All Star.

We’ll do another live blog today.  Come back here at noon for the link.

Herald:  Fun run for McHale and crewAllen is a star in their eyesNBA gives liquor a shot |  Globe:  Set to dance with WolvesStill reaching for the stars |  Souza:  Bench coming through for C’s |  Camerato:  Making the case for Rondo and AllenFormer C’s are more than trade bait |  T&G:  Armand Hill the brains behind the offense |  Star Tribune:  Catching up with Tom Thibodeau | Video:  Bynum’s knee injury


2 Responses

  1. Haha.. Applebee’s huh!

  2. At least you were picking on someone closer to your own size than Chuck is. I’m proud of you John. Maybe next week you’ll be ready to hit up a 5 year old’s birthday party at Chucky Cheese.

    I’m not going to be able to catch the live blog cause I’ll be at the Garden but hope it goes well.

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