Bynum Has Torn MCL

Here’s the official word on Andrew Bynum:

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum will miss eight to 12 weeks after tearing the medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

Bryant insisted the Lakers could still win a title without Bynum.

“There are teams that lost in the Finals that go back and win the next year,” he said. “I think having Andrew in the lineup makes us a dominant team. With him out of the lineup, we’re still a great team. You put him in the mix, it takes us to another level.”

See John’s post below as to why this really sucks for Celtics fans.


26 Responses

  1. You can say it sucks for us all you want but most of us will never believe it.

  2. Hearing Laker fans whine about it certainly won’t be pleasant.

  3. I still say… the better TEAM will win. If your chances hinge on 1 guy… you don’t deserve to win. Sorry. You need to have a team that can overcome that. For Christ’s sake… they’ve got Kobe Bryant. If losing Bynum on Kobe’s team ends their hopes of a title run… then how good is Kobe, really?

  4. I think this next game with LA will probably be the last for the Cs this season. LA beat the Spurs last year when Manu was hurting. At full strength, the Spurs are tougher, smarter and play much better D than the Lakers. And they’re better coached. I expect it will be Spurs vs. Cs in the Finals.

    When you’re a Lakers fan, whining is a prerequisite.

  5. Its really too bad Bydumb has another knee injury. I was looking forward to the rematch with full squads on both teams. Everyone accept the facts here – Basically Celtics loses this battle in every which way either on TV or on Paper.

    ANY loses by the Lakers from here on out they’ll say because they didn’t have Bydumb period. ANY Wins by the Lakers will be shouted in out ears even louder than before because they don’t have Bydumb. If Lakers win at Boston on the 5th without Bydumb OMG forget about it.

    Turn off your TV’s because everyday its going to be Bydumb updates it will get more rating than Obama’s inauguration. Celtics will settle the score on the court with or without Byebyenum.


  6. This guy is injury prone, so doesn’t that factor into the equation when you measure his worth? Cannot use that excuse because that is WHO he is. Oft injured.

    Besides we could use the excuse that LA got Gasol for free while we gave up an All-Star in Al Jefferson. WE have THE excuse if we ever lose.

    Besides maybe it is Payback for 80’s with Bird nd McHale were often hurt. Maybe BOSTON would be the team of the 80’s if that did not occur. If Laker fans will say that Boston had a better team in the 80’s and the Laker’s got lucky because of those injuries than maybe I will give them this one. Otherwise they should be quiet.

  7. I am a Laker fan and do not like the Celtics. I would never wish injury upon someone on the Celtics though. It shows how little class you have that you don’t care about a young players health, and are only worried about “excuses”. No one gave you excuses last year, the Lakers lost and that’s how it was. It was and still is looking like there is a good chance of a rematch this year, and Bynum or no Bynum it’s going to be a good series. Please show some class and wish him well.

  8. Find where we wished injury on Bynum. Please. I want him playing. I want to beat the Lakers with him playing. I don’t want anyone hurt.

  9. “I am a Laker fan and do not like the Celtics. I would never wish injury upon someone on the Celtics though. It shows how little class you have that you don’t care about a young players health, and are only worried about “excuses”. No one gave you excuses last year, the Lakers lost and that’s how it was. It was and still is looking like there is a good chance of a rematch this year, and Bynum or no Bynum it’s going to be a good series. Please show some class and wish him well.”
    BringDFishBack – February 2, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    +1, i wish rajon rondo suffers a torn acl, just so u how it feels like. tony allens doesnt count since you girls werent fans back then.

  10. “Just so u how it feels like..HUH? Sucko..? I’m with Red. The reason we are better than L.A. has nothing to do with Bynum. Kobe makes that team. Again..KOBE MAKES THAT TEAM. Kobe draws the triple teams, Kobe defends, being around Kobe makes the other Fakers more confident. The list goes on. Sure, without Bynum the middle free’s up a tad, we can play Gasol more honestly, blah blah blah-but Kobe is the heart and soul of that team. If they lose Kobe, they lose period. They are a 6 seed at best in the West (rhymes) w/out Raper24. Now WE have 3 go to guys. Granted, they don’t each drop 30 a night, but we are not dependent solely on 1 of them, and they all are capable of stepping up if needed. If Kobe goes down, is Farmer going to take over? Is VujaBitch? NO.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wish bynum would get hurt, although I admit I wanted Perk to kick his ass on x-mas. Lakers and their apologists in the media will no doubt say it is because of his absence to anyone that beats them. I hope they drop about five straight so kobe-cancer can start to rear his ugly head.

  12. Wow.. we’ve got some real single-digit IQ’s here.

    Someone please tell me where I’m enjoying Bynum’s injury? Can someone please show me where I said “I’m happy he’s hurt”…. or “I hope he gets hurt”.

    I never have, and never will wish injury on anyone you dumb fucks. I played the fucking game… I don’t wish that on anyone and I dare anyone to find where I have.

    And if you don’t like me saying I don’t want to hear Lakers fans excuses….. then Lakers fans shouldn’t have been using Bynum’s injury as an excuse.

  13. hey sako. wow wishing someone to have an acl. tsk tsk tsk. obviously you’ve had one, on your brain, and continue to suffer from it.

  14. Why is this posted on a Celtics blog?

  15. WTF is it to u that Andrews injured? U dont see Laker sites providing up to the second celtic news. We literally could give a fuck less what happens to the celtics. The thing is that u girls think that u reported it as “Faker fans are gonna make excuses when they lose.” While Doc Rivers, who i respect, says it as “Its bad to see a young talent go down like that.” Just shows that u guys give no respect towards anybody but your hypocritical selves.

  16. Relax Sako – We are looking forward to hear from you on Thursday night.

  17. sako, actually we don’t give a fuck about your fakers. but given that you faker trolls are always in a green blog, redsarmy might as well include news about your team to “legitimize” your visits here.

    then again, its still bad to wish ill on some people…like an acl. and that to you, is respect? tsk tsk tsk.

  18. Cmon rush, Ive been here at redsarmy for a long time and you guys always talked trash (which leave you look like classless people in this universe) about the Lakers even before “Lakers Trolls” (which I considered NOT true Lakers fans). “Kobe’s Douchiness”, “Gasoft as gift to the Lakers”, “Excuses”, “Lakers lost against this team that team”, etc. are some of the things I always read in this Celtics blog.

  19. Ok… see… this is how a rivalry goes. Celtics fans are interested in a few Lakers tidbits. the Lakers are a potential finals matchup…. and the team we just beat in the last finals. We can report what they do.

    And once again… I don’t care how Lakers sites are run. I don’t go there. Yet… we have a LOT of Lakers fans here. I find it funny that Lakers fans are on a Celtics blog talking about how much they don’t care about the Celtics. Really? Then why are you even here to find out what we’re posting about?

  20. Red…your right, you never said you wished injury on anyone and its unfair for anyone to imply as such…BUT…

    When did we use Bynum as an excuse? Saying we were a man down in the Finals last year is not an excuse, its a statement of fact. We were!

    Saying we’re not as good without him is fact. We are not!

    These are not excuses.

    I still feel we are good enough to beat every team in the NBA in a 7 game series EXCEPT the Celtics without Bynum.

    That is not an excuse, its my opinion based on fact. The match-ups with you demand an inside presence and Bynum takes serious pressure off of Pau, so his “softness” is not so exposed. His post game allows outside shooters more space to execute. His rebounding allows more second chance shots.

    If KG goes down the rest of the year…are you guys winning it all? No way. This site would be filled with tears and sad songs of woe…

    And before you say that a KG-Bynum comparison isn’t fair, check their stats…and think about how they can change the make-up of a game with their presence alone.

    Go Lakers

  21. I am so sick of hearing about a fan base’s “lack of class”. Is it fair to say that every f*cking fan base has those rabid fans who will do anything/say anything to defend their team? Who the f*ck cares? When I am in my office at 4:30 am after putting in a 25 hour day, am I looking for fan appreciation sites or am I looking for that one thing that will give me an edge against my next opponent? Who cares if Joe From Peabody enjoys the fact that Bynum went down? Luis From Whittier probably runs a web site. Who cares?! It’s pro sports people, we’re not saving lives here. Enjoy the give and take as the pros don’t care.

    Ok.. back to game film and prepping to be the OC this year (I can’t wait)

  22. So…you could give a shit about the celtics, yet you’re over here on redsarmy, what did you have a premonition of a bynum artricle being up, and you all of a sudden just randomly typed in this url?
    You scum losers

  23. And the most laughable thing of all time is lakers fans comparing bynum getting injured to KG being injured….lmfao rofllmao….um, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Bynum getting hurt is the equivalent to perkins getting hurt, period

  24. Just what I was thinking. Gasol going down would be equivalent to KG going down. Not as individual players, just when you compare Pau and Ticket’s contributions to their respective teams.

  25. Losing Bynum only makes it fair anyhow as you got gasol as a gift from the league. Didn’t see you guys give up any “Al Jefferson” types

  26. @Baron, if youve watched Andrew play this month, youd know hes>>>>>>>>Perk.

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