KG Will Sit Tomorrow. TA Might Too

KG has the flu… and so might Tony Allen

Garnett, who is averaging 16.3 points and 9.0 rebounds and had missed only one game (due to suspension) before yesterday, won’t travel with the team, Rivers said. Instead, he will rest with the goal of getting back to practice Wednesday in preparation for the Lakers Thursday.

“He’s feeling better,” Rivers said. “Be he’s not feeling great and we really want to try to keep him away from the rest of the guys.”

Tony Allen was also one of the three Celtics who passed on his shot, and Rivers said Allen wasn’t feeling well either.

“There’s a likely chance he won’t be on the road trip as well,” Rivers said. “Two guys that didn’t take the flu shot, but . . . ”

That’s why I always get my flu shot… and follow that up by drinking enough Gin daily to kill a horse.   Sure, I’m doing massive damage to my internal organs… but nothing else can live for very long in there either.

By the way… Scal is the 3rd Celtic to skip the flu shot.


14 Responses

  1. Yeah, except getting a flu shot this year might not have helped much. The virus is type A and has like a 98 percent resistance to tamiflu.

  2. Tamiflu isn’t the flu shot. Tamiflu doesn’t work well against this year’s strain but the flu shot is supposed to be highly effective.

  3. Yea lets infect ourselves to protect ourselves. Drugs are the answer.

  4. Well hopefully this gives him some games off to rest, so he will be even stronger come playoff time.

  5. yea I caught it friday, it looked like someone latled brown gravy all over my toilet bowl….. awful stuff good thing i drink alot of booze, it seems to kill it.

  6. A sign that the end is near: The word “Tamiflu” appears on

  7. Not just that… but that Tamiflu, it’s effects, and even modern medicine were debated on


  8. It’s a beautiful thing!

  9. Just in — Jameer Nelson dislocated a shoulder, could be out a month or more. Ray might play the All Star game after all (though some of us prefer he skipped it).

  10. Ray should say “No Thanks” – I am busy already made plans.

  11. Exactly, Fs.

  12. I have never been more sure of something in my life, than I was sure that Jester would post something about the amount of alcohol he drinks.

  13. wouldn’t whomever creates the AS lineup want another pg? ergo rondo? or b/c it’s a glorified pickup game does it not matter if it’s a SG or PG?

    i still don’t see why multimillion dollar athletes who need to be healthy during peak flu season skip the shot. seems to betray logic. most guys have kids (aka walking petri dishes) who don’t wash their hands.

  14. Kg05 you’re right. I think I misinterpreted what my doc was telling me.

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