The Return of Tony Allen

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AP Photo

I don’t know what they did to Tony Allen’s ankle… but the Celtics need to keep doing it.  This Tony Allen is exactly what the Celtics were looking for when they passed on James Posey.

He’s playing with that borderline reckless style that suits him so well.  It’s a style that teeters on the edge of completely out of control.  But he somehow makes his way to the basket, and he keeps getting hit on the way.  He’s becoming the menacing pest we hoped for this season, getting his hands in passing lanes and on shots with greater regularity.

Yesterday, the Celtics built a huge lead on Tony Allen’s 2nd quarter efforts.  He still needs to get into game shape, but early on… when he has his legs… he’s playing like the Tony Allen we all hoped would show up this year.  It fits quite nicely with the old-school Paul Pierce that showed up yesterday.  If this Tony Allen sticks around for the rest of the season, the Celtics bench suddenly looks a lot better.

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17 Responses

  1. I’m still not sold on TA like I’m starting to come around on BBD. I see so many little things that look as if he doesn’t belong on the team. Did anyone see the part in the (i think it was) Sacramento game where he grabbed the ball from out of bounds after a Kings make. House (the PG at the time) was across back court calling for the ball, and Tony waved him off. Totally pissing off House (justifiably) then running down court and making some boneheaded play and losing the possession.

    I don’t deny his ability and potential, rather the same old story of his decisions and his knowing of his place on the team.

    Totally excited about the latest run. Hopefully the more normal schedule will allow the rest the poor guys need to not implode this time.

  2. If TA plays like this a bit more consistently, MAYBE I will start to believe. But to me it feels like he has spurts like this that make you want to believe only to see him come crashing down to earth again and missing two foot jumpers/layups etc.

    Also, I read that Bynum is out 6 weeks. Is this true guys???

  3. The celtics never passed on James Posey, he actually passed on them, and by the time it happened, tony allen was the only viable free agent left…it was a terrible misread by danny…just thought id clear that up

  4. And another thing… our bench looks worse with tony allen …sorry but it makes so Gabe gets no minutes at all and eddie has to play point guard and do alot of the ball-handling with tony…um yeah
    All the bragging about having eddie off the ball gets flushed down the drain if tonys out there

  5. Please, John…
    TA has two semi-decent games against 2 of the bottom-dwelling teams of the Western Conference, and you want to crown him as the bench’s savior. You fail to make note of the egg he laid against Detroit (a good defense) and the fact that the only thing TA has done consistently his entire career is in being inconsistent.
    If I can pull any positive out of his playing, it’s that he is playing with BBD-like urgency, lots of energy and sticking his nose in wherever the ball is (a la Rondo). Yet all this yields is a winded TA late in the game, at least so far. Maybe he is still trying to get back into game shape, and I really hope so, but don’t expect me to put any of my eggs in TA’s basket until I see him perform at a high level against the likes LA, SA and NO in the next 10 days.

  6. chuck where the steel city talk i know you bleed black and gold almost as much as green and white

  7. The Celtics passed on Posey as much as he passed on them. They wanted him back at a certain number… he said no. He came back with a different number… the C’s said no. You guys get my point.

    And my point with TA is THIS Tony is what we need. I’m not crowning him anything… I’m just saying the TA we’ve seen since his return is exactly the kind of play we need from him. I’m not saying I expect it to continue, get better, or worse. I’m just saying that we’re FINALLY seeing the type of play from him that we need.

    Jeez… can’t I give the guy some props?

  8. Posey didnt give the celtics an oppurtunity to match his offer from NewOrleans, and my guess is they would’ve, but because of dannys original lowball offer he didnt even bother …they tell you they wanted TA back, the fact is, they didnt …and no other team wanted him either, the jazz and thunder both took a look at him and decided “Um no” even with him being a small salary guy coming off a title team…we just has no other choice

  9. Baron…I don’t think there was any way Danny was giving Posey 4 years and $25 million. I think the 4th year was the deal breaker. He wanted that extra year, and who can blame him? I wouldn’t have wanted to lock him up for 4 years, though.

  10. Jester – I’m still hungover from last night’s party. I don’t want to rub all the Patriots fans on this site the wrong way. They are a very sensitive bunch since the dynasty came to a crashing end.

  11. Scott’s right. They didn’t want to give him the full MLE and definitely not for 4 years. It’s the right move. In year 4, we’d probably be upset at the deal. TA was plan B.

  12. really? what if “washed up” in the 4th year? see, im not buying that, because hes a IQ player, good veteran lockerrom prescence, and hes just a heady defender and spot-up shooter , he’ll be fine in 4 years…not to 4 years he wouldnt have been the only one on the team whos washed up….we’ll see, if the big 3 dont win another ring, it was just an all-around questionable move, they have a pretty small window and you do whatever you do to better the big 3’s chances at winning again…tony allen is not that guy, hes not a guy you can trust like posey, especially in the playoffs

  13. I wish we had the Rookie version of TA the one that earned a starting job, tried to dunk on anybody in his path, and played truly menacing defense; or the 2 week all star version of TA that was scoring 20 points a game before he hurt his knee

  14. Tony’s knee isn’t his problem.

    It’s his hands. They’re like tree stumps.

  15. Hes head is the problem.

  16. BBD is doing better now because he accepts his role and stays within it.
    Powe is stinking up the place because for some reason, he is refusing to accept his role and trying to do more than he can.

    TA has been told to drive to the basket, reduce the dribbling around, no fancy passes… just score and get to the stripe. To the extent that he does that, he’s going to do very well. He hasn’t got the brain power to do much else, and everybody knows it by now. But in his role, he can be a very significant contributor. For one thing, teams haven’t scouted him much, so he’s sorta blindsiding them. All good.

    Unlike most other franchises, the Cs are a real “team”, and like any machine, the parts all need to fit in order for the machine to work right.

  17. TA is playing better the moment. G4 is right, I’ve never questioned his athleticism, just his thought process. Even when the C’s are up by 15 or so and I see him emerge from the scorer’s table, I get a knot in my stomach. Most of the time you worry about him f*cking it up more than look forward to him having a positive impact. He’s no Posey, but Posey didn’t leave Danny a choice. Keep looking Danny….

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