Sugar Ray!!!!

Ray Allen’s three pointer from the corner with .5 seconds left beat Philly tonight 100-99.

This may have been the sloppiest game the Celtics have played all season. They ran Philly into the ground in the first quarter (32-20), but that was negated by the horror show of turnovers in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. They tightened things up in the 4th and somehow managed to squeak out the win. Until Ray’s 3, Pierce (29 pts) was the money man down the stretch.

Rajon Rondo nearly had a triple double – 20 pts, 8 assists, 7 TO

The refs did the Celtics no favors.

What the hell happened to Elton Brand?

Box Score | Recap

I may be sick as hell with diarrhea pouring out of me, but I’m still able to give you this:


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  1. NO shit! Ray is the man! Did Elton Brand get benched? Did he even have a field goal..? Anyways, a few too many turnovers tonight, but once again Superman and SugarRay make it all better. Is anyone else PUMPED for Thursday or what?!?

  2. M’Fin Refs tried to put a Lose on us – We were actually playing 5 (C’s) vs. 8 (Phil) (3 Refs) – Nice try F U refs. Damn, Beautiful dagger by Ray Ray – He had a flu too. Great Ending! Much love to Big Baby Davis did he man up or what (Double Double night) – Also to Reggie Evans great energy but no cigar.

  3. Greatest thing about that win is laughing at Igudala for his premature celebration.

  4. Wow Chuck…. uhhhh… thanks for the visual.

    That last play shows how great Paul Pierce is. Somone else *cough* *cough* Kobe Bryant *cough* would have forced it up there. Pierce found the open man.

    Lucky for us, the open man was Ray Allen

  5. It was awesome!!

  6. That was HUGE as it would have been a very tough loss to swallow.

    How about Doc letting Big Baby play most of the game? What a difference since the beginning of the year.

    Sorry about your “ailment” Laker fans have that effect on all of us I think

  7. Man Horrible game by the refs. Pierce had a great game and Ray Ray.. well he’s just the man!! Allstar team anyone!

  8. Man, was I sour when Iguodala was galavanting up the court like a 9-year old. He must’ve forgot that there were six seconds left, and he was playing against a team with one of the best pure shooters in NBA history.

    Credit where credit is due, people: Doc Rivers drew up an insane play, and Paul Pierce executed to perfection.

    Massive win. Let’s make it 13 in a row on Thursday.

  9. am pretty sure the “others” we’re fist-pumping and shouting “haha take that boston” after ai’s jumper. but rayray said “not tonight” and promptly made them shit in their pants.

    see ya thursday.

  10. ATTN: Andre Iguodala, Kobe Bryant, and all other national basketball association personnel not named ‘Sam Cassell’

    Please reserve the ‘big balls’ dance for a shot that actually impacts the outcome of a game. It is awfully silly to see the aforementioned dance performed in a regular season loss.

    Warm regards,

    -Walter Ray Allen

  11. hahaha suffering from the ol’ pissing out the ass, ey John? Huge win, keep rolling until Thursday.

  12. Chuck’s got that problem…. I’m ok…

    … for now

  13. WOO! what a game

  14. – The fix is in. Seems like the refs are trying hard to give us an L every time out.
    – BBD was friggin awesome. He will never be tall enough and probably never jump high enough, but the kid can PLAY and we don’t win this game without him. Great job.
    – 20 TOs is way too many, tho to be fair quite a few of them were improper ref-TOs. Lousy 2nd quarter though, any way you slice it. Rondo’s gotta remember to keep up the focus and intensity even when the Cs are up 14.
    – To beat the top teams like LA, Cleveland and San Antonio, we can’t have 2nd quarters like that.

  15. those refs were bad tonight. i swear they had money on the sixers. it was painful to watch.. huge win. with KG out rondo is his temporary sub in the big three. he better be in the skills comp with ray playing in the game

  16. The refs were horable but we would not of had to worry about them if we took care of the rock, we had over 20 turnovers in the game. We need to take care of the ball and our wins will come much easier!! As for RAY RAY, he does this every year, he’s there for the game winning shot. I’m glad KG was able to get some rest these last couple days he should be ready to kick some Faker ass thursday night!!

  17. thursday’s game is quite interesting because it’s kind of a lose-lose situation for the celtics. this game is no longer going to be as exciting since it isn’t two teams playing at full strength. lakers fans will surely take advantage of that very convenient arrangement. if the celtics win, they will state that it’s because of bynum’s absence. basically, they will say that it wasn’t a fair fight. if the celtics lose, then that will give them sufficient ammunition to come attack this web site until they lose in the playoffs. so lakers fans, you are lucky to have such a comfortable arrangement. but, as they say, it’s in the playoffs where it truly counts.

  18. I know it has been said before, but I don’t think we will be playing LA again this season after Thursday. I think the Spurs will come out of the west this year. (Btw, they lost tonight by 8 pts with ALL THREE of their big 3 out.)

    It is NOT POSSIBLE for the refs to honestly be this blind, this wrong. It MUST be a setup. If it’s Stern trying to keep things close in order to make more $$$… well, I just hope to one day see him walking the gauntlet with handcuffs on.

  19. ATTN: Mizzle

    Just FYI: skipping games and commenting on Celtics blog sites is not appropriate behavior for an assistant coach.

  20. Lakers game only 42.5 hours away.

  21. so mj’s ambassador…if the lakers lose, they actually “win”.
    good stuff.

  22. nope, incorrect rush. i specifically mentioned lakers fans, not lakers. lakers fans win either way. if lakers lose, they have an excuse in bynum. if lakers win, they will say they won without bynum. that’s why i said that it was a convenient arrangement for lakers fans.

  23. DRJ – the refs have sucked in almost every game this year. Tim Donaghey repeat?? Im sure david stern has something to do with it…

  24. You guys are all repeating from I said yesterday on the “Bydumb torn MCL” Post. Lets just smoke them on Thursday and forget about it.

    My post from 2/2
    Its really too bad Bydumb has another knee injury. I was looking forward to the rematch with full squads on both teams. Everyone accept the facts here – Basically Celtics loses this battle in every which way either on TV or on Paper.

    ANY loses by the Lakers from here on out they’ll say because they didn’t have Bydumb period. ANY Wins by the Lakers will be shouted in out ears even louder than before because they don’t have Bydumb. If Lakers win at Boston on the 5th without Bydumb OMG forget about it.

    Turn off your TV’s because everyday its going to be Bydumb updates it will get more rating than Obama’s inauguration. Celtics will settle the score on the court with or without Byebyenum.


    Fsantos33 – February 2, 2009 at 5:40 pm

  25. sorry fsantos, i didn’t realize i stole your arguments. i agree with you fsantos, your celtics better smoke them. no excuses anymore. they should have won in christmas day, but i guess bynum did provide a presence that the lakers sorely missed last year. now i think the celtics have little excuse to not repeat. even after bynum comes back, he still needs to get back into game shape. if bynum’s recent explosion is any indication, he won’t return to that explosive form during the postseason, even if they make it to the finals. of course, i am assuming he will be back. if he ends up needing surgery, then of course he is done. so now it becomes a three team race, and the celtics better take advantage of it.

  26. No Mj you didn’t steal my argument.. you just confirmed it. Were you pissed off Kobe broke your beloved M.J.’s scoring record in MSG last night? Shit, HGHJames might break Kobe’s record tomorrow night. Ego mania in session.

  27. who cares about that, it’s an individual accomplishment. mj still has more championships than kobe, and at the rate kobe is going, he won’t match mj’s six championships. good luck with trying to ball hog and score 50 or 60 points, it won’t take the lakers anywhere. actually, it will be better for the rest of the teams if kobe reverts back to the post-shaq era kobe. all they need to do is stop kobe, and the game is over. simple as that. so kobe, go ahead and shoot away the lakers to three more championships by averaging 50 points a game.

  28. what i was said…”they” meaning the faker fans. course i don’t think they’d agree with you. because no matter how you turn it around and every which way, a loss is a loss. even a faker will admit that.

    there’s no such thing as a “moral victory”.

  29. FSantos: HGHJames? Explain, I’m curious.

    Either way, despite the refs and the horrible ball handling, Ray and Paul bail the Celtics out of a game they deserved to lose. A win that should be put in the “Wins That Aren’t As Good As Others” column, but I’ll take it. Damn, Ray is a killer!

    Bring on the Lakers! I’m gonna miss the game, sadly, but I’ll be rooting in spirit!

  30. DRJ, I agree with your original post until you say ” To beat the top teams like LA, Cleveland and San Antonio, we can’t have 2nd quarters like that.”
    We ARE the top team, and defending champs, its those teams that have to not have 2nd quarters like that 2 beat us, we’re proven..this isnt last year

  31. Doc deserves a lot of credit. Brilliant play Doc. Someone on one of the Celtics shows said that Doc had the best results of any coach in the league following a timeout. Last night proved that. Great pass by Truth, great shot by Ray.

  32. Rays the man win it comes to the big shot give me ray everytime I think he neeeds a good knickname how bout clutch.

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