No Eddie In Shootout

No Ray either, according to Marc J. Spears

The NBA announced the field for the Foot Locker 3-point Shootout Feb. 14 in Phoenix during All-Star Weekend, and no Celtics are included.

Participants will include defending champion Jason Kapono of Toronto, Atlanta’s Mike Bibby, Miami’s Daequan Cook, Indiana’s Danny Granger, Orlando’s Rashard Lewis and San Antonio’s Roger Mason.

Bibby?  Really?  He’s below Eddie and Ray… and 32 other guys in 3-point FG%. But hey… why would the NBA want someone who shoots 3’s well to participate in the 3-point shootout.


11 Responses

  1. Man. Everyone hates us.

  2. Bibby???? You have got to be kidding me. Then again I haven’t checked his numbers but still, BIBBY?

  3. ASG doesn’t mean anything… I’m pissed that they got snubbed, but we’re trying to win banner 18 here, and a week of rest will only have benefits for Ray and Eddie.

  4. I linked to the stats. He’s an odd one to include. Maybe they just wanted to represent Atlanta. Who the hell knows.

  5. Deffinitly not a Bibby fan and I would like to see Eddy in there but his numbers are better than Eddy’s and only slightly worse than Rays.

    Bibby .409% 114 makes
    House .410% 86 makes
    Allen .410% 120 makes

  6. When is the NBA going to announce the replacement for J. Nelson? I heard on NBATV last night rumor has it Mo Williams may be selected. During the post game interview Ray said he would be honored if he were to be selected to be a replacement and be very happy to bring his family along. Now that’s a classy guy.

  7. I think Bibby is from Phoenix, so maybe they wanted a “hometown” guy in there.

    They definitely should have had House or Ray Allen in there though. I know Rashard Lewis is leading the league but I feel like he’s going to disappoint in the contest.

  8. They should’ve invited ‘Toine to the 3-pt contest. That’s a crying shame.

  9. ‘Toine..? Huh..?

  10. Nobody wants to see that piece of trash Bibby… even his own father doesn’t.

  11. That’s BULL SHITTTT, sorry like sobebody else said they just hate us!!

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