The Game Winner That Almost Wasn’t

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Check out the looks on the faces of the guys in the front row? Absolutely priceless. I would have been angry that Thaddeous Young was dumb enough to leave Ray on that play. If Philly coach Tony DiLeo said one thing in the huddle it should have been “Thaddeus, do not leave Ray Allen, no matter what.”

As for the play which lead to the game winning shot:

“Coaches think too much sometimes,” Rivers said. “That was the play I drew up originally. When they called the 20-second, I changed the play. Then [Rajon] Rondo and Ray said they liked the first play and talked me into running the original play. Thank God they did.”

As for KG, I cannot imagine he won’t play against the Lakers:

“Kevin is feeling better,” Rivers said. “I doubt we’ll practice as a team, but we’ll do something with him [today] just to get his wind back.

We’ll need him. There’s a good chance Big Baby will still be sore after playing 42 minutes last night.


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  1. Absolutely priceless expressions on the Sixers fans faces.

    As far as the Bynam stuff goes…I think anyone who wishes injury on a player is a despicable waste of DNA. RedsArmy has never wished injury on anyone, and the responsible people who submit comments here haven’t either.
    That being said, the Bynam injury, as unfortunate as it is, DOES help out every other team in the league, including the Celtics in pursuit of homecourt advantage. It can be argued that KG having the flu helped out the Wolves and Sixers (just not enough).
    I really don’t care what the Laker whiners will say, or how they will use the injury as an excuse, etc. I don’t care if we play them in the Finals, or we play the Spurs. I’d like to beat them Thurs. night, but ultimately I want to win Banner 18. That is really all that matters. The Bynam and Nelson injuries may help us with homecourt, but the Celtics really do control their own destiny.

  2. I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever said I hope or am glad that a guy gets injured. However, I did said Bynum is soft and injury-prone.

    Fact is, I’m disappointed that Nelson went down with a season-ending injury because it would have been nice to send the Magic home in the playoffs with a full roster. And while I like to see spots open up on the Eastern All-Star roster so that one or both of our guys DESERVING to be on the team can go, I don’t want it to be by way of season-ending injuries. A minor ankle injury or the flu I’m fine with, a labrum tear I’m not. I actually feel bad for Jameer because this is a good year for the Magic and he seems like a pretty good guy.

  3. Take a look at the guys reaction to the far right of the picture

  4. Great win, I don’t know if there is another player in the league I would want to take the last shot over Ray-especially if it’s a 3 (maybe Paul). Lets not let the Fakers stop this streak this time.

    Speaking of the FLakers, I’m coming into town tomorrow to watch the game. Never been to Boston, and Ill only be there 2 days. Any pointers on what to see/do? And any good places to have a drink with some die-hard fans after the Celtics crush them?

    Don’t mean to hijack the post, but Expedia just can’t help when it comes to me bleeding green.

  5. I agree with you, Bill. Nelson seems like a pretty good guy, and it’s a shame he’s out. While I don’t particularly like the Magic, I do respect Stan Van Gundy and I think what he and his team have been able to do has been pretty impressive.
    I just get tired of all the pontificating by individuals about who should get bragging rights and who would’ve beaten whom if somebody didn’t get injured, etc. And this speaks directly to the Laker Bynam apologists who think his injury is the reason the Lakers lost to us last year. I don’t care who gets bragging rights, or how people qualify wins or losses because of personnel. And I don’t care whether we beat them with Bynam or without Bynam. McHale played on a broken foot in 87 or 88, and we couldn’t win the title without him at full strength. So what? We didn’t win. I don’t think the Lakers cared whether they beat us with or without a healthy McHale. They just wanted to win.
    If we stay healthy and keep our cool, I don’t see anyone other than the Celtics holding the trophy in June.

  6. Is any one else getting the feeling this year that Paul could be scoring 50 points every night but instead is just leading this team to win after win with what ever it takes?

  7. All you lucky-ducks who will be attending the Lakers game…don’t forget to bring an O’Henry bar to shake in Kobe’s dog turd hating face :)

  8. I agree wholeheartedly Ian. When Pierce talks about sacrificing to make the team better, he isn’t kidding. I think when Garnett’s there, the main goal of the offense is to get the ball in the post. And Pierce has no problem stepping aside and instead of getting 30 or 40 a night, dividing that 30 or 40 between him, KG and Ray as long as it gets a win. The thing is, it’s a team-wide mentality: “Get the ball to ___ and get the hell out the way.” This is the reason we so frequently see a different guy each night stepping up and getting the scoring touch.

    But when KG is not in the lineup, I think everyone understands that everyone else needs to step up and shoulder the scoring load. And Pierce and Ray are happy to return to their old roles of being the team’s leading scorers. Pierce is usually the beneficiary in that scenario because his offensive game is the strongest anywhere on the court.

    I’ve argued that Pierce is the MVP of this team because he’s hit clutch shots to get wins, he’s stepped up and scored big when the team needed him and he’s stopped (or limited) guys like LeBron. But it’s become crystal clear to me that KG is what makes the defense run. When KG has a bad game or isn’t in the lineup, the defense suffers. And when the D is strong, the win usually follows. So I may be wrong about who’s the team MVP.

  9. How about they are co-MVPs. Ray isn’t doing bad either. That is what is great about the team. It is actually a team not a one man show like certain other teams.

  10. I Bleed green in LA… the only place that I’ve really been to is Boston Beer Works which is on a street accross the Garden (2 minuite walk). They brew there own beer which taste good in my opinion & are relatively cheap. It gets pretty packed with Celtics fans before & during the games, But I’m not sure about after the game… I’m too wasted by then.

    As for what to do in boston, Do the history stuff.. Like visit Paul Revers old house, the Freedom trail Theres more to do but thats the only thing I could really think of. Good luck!

  11. Thanks G4L. Freedom trail, Boston Harbor, the “fake Cheers” bar, clam chowda and Sam Adams were all on the list. And of course the Garden (wish it was the old Boston Garden). Boston Beer Works sounds great for postgame celebration.

  12. I bleed green – Boston Beer Works, the Fours, the Harp, DJ’s at the Garden, Johnnie’s on the Side and other bars around the Garden are all good bets.

    If you like Italian food (or Italian wimmen), get over to the North End and check it out.

    The Prudential Center skywalk observatory for views of the city.

  13. Perfect! Thanks for the heads up. Im leaving tonight, and it was 85 degrees today-not looking forward to the 20’s.

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