The Game Winner That Was

I like this one, because it’s the Philly announcer… and I enjoy how Ray robbed him of all his joy.


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  1. I could watch that all day…man, i love this team! we’re lucky to have these guys

  2. I agree Baron we are Lucky! But I think people tend to forget how lucky we are to have Ray Allen. He is the best shooter in league & top 3 in NBA History. Out of the Big3 he is always the one beign left out. He plays the most minutes usually covers the best players on the other team i.e. Wade, Rip, Kobe gets the least touches on the team and yet never says a word.

    If it wasn’t for him the team would not get the spacing the team does.

  3. Each of the Big 3 has a very profound affect on the C’s. Ray is also the player that made the KG thing happen.

    Ray is money. Definitely enjoy the ride while we’ve got it.

  4. Yes, G4L, Ray is often overlooked or taken for granted. This team is so great because everyone has a role and the sum of all the parts equals success. Ray sacrificed the most when he came to Boston. He had to re-tool is game and adjust to having KG and Paul shoulder the scoring load. I think he looks much more comfortable out there this year than last. And he’s much more dangerous as well.

    These past two seasons have been the most fun since 1987.

  5. Ray is shooting a career high 50% from the field, a career high 94% from the line, and 41% from the 3 pt line which matches his highest percentage in the last 7 years. Not to mention he has played in all 50 games so far this season, and is averaging the least turnovers of his entire career.

    Yep, safe to say he’s a washed-up, injury-prone, has-been.

  6. So what’s the word on tomorrow night?


    We need the W.

    It will be a long second half of the season if we don’t.

  7. @ Doctor Hardwood:

    I think you might be exxagerating the sacrifice thing. Sure Ray sacrificed a great deal, but so did Pierce and Garnett. They all attempted almost the same shots per game last year (13.5) which was a significant drop off from their career averages. I don’t think you can say he had to “adjust to KG and Paul shouldering the scoring load”. The only thing he had to adjust to last year, was not seeing the ball as much in the last few minutes of close games. Pierce got it nearly every time last year in those situations, but this year, we’ve seen Ray getting more and more of those shots.

  8. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Something needs to be done to fuck w/ Vujacic. That lil bitch is begging for a ‘banana in the tailpipe’ sort of prank.

  9. I hear ya’ AboveTheRim. I sacrificed most of my federal tax refund to get a seat 3 rows off the floor. I will screaming at VujaBitch all night just for you. I will be directly across from the C’s bench in row 3 with a white “Beat LA” shirt on. I’ll be sure to get him an insult just for you. As far as predictions, w/a rested KG and hot SugarRay and P2, Celtics 93 Lakers 87. Kobe will get his 20 or 25, but our bench, T.A., Baby, E-House-will be the difference…

  10. Tim, did you get a question on the air during last night’s post-game show?

  11. No that wasn’t me.

  12. Tim,
    Wow, I didn’t mean to get under your skin.
    I don’t dispute that KG and Paul had to adjust as well as Ray. What I am referring to is what Doc has said many times over, and that is that Ray had to adjust his overall game and approach much more than the other two. It isn’t about touches or shots. It’s about operating within the framework of a team which has two other superstars, and modifying your approach to accommodate them. Yes, Paul has had to adjust, and yes KG has had to adjust, but Allen has had the greatest transition. Plus he had the off-season ankle problems.
    If you think this is incorrect, just listen to Doc.

  13. Doc Hardwood:

    You didn’t get under my skin at all…. I was just pointing out that I thought you were exxagerating Ray Allen’s sacrifices a little bit. That’s all. But I see your point, and agree with it, to an extent.


    new garnett gatorade commercial

  15. The dejection in that clip is palpable…i love it.

  16. I was at the game it was unbeliavable i was going nuts. what a play, i keep watching it over and over again. And i gotta say Red i was eating my words as I watched big baby knock down jumper after jumper.

  17. Hahaha love it.The fan pointing at Ray as he moved to the corner is probably screaming you can’t leave Ray Ray open.
    Great team effort at the end. Fail for sixers defense

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