Here We Go Again

Do I even need to write anything here?  It’s Celtics-Lakers, dammit.  There’s a definite sense of deja vu leading up to this game, but things are going to be different.  I’ll admit that this time around, not having Bynum does hurt LA.  He was playing well.

So watch this video, read a few of the links, and get ready to BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!

Don, a Lakers fan who runs With Malice, asked me a few questions to preview the game… including what the Lakers need to do to win in Boston.  Here’s what I had to say.

Herald:  Bird, Magic still hot about C’s-LakersCelts-Lakers pure fun… for nowNew streak put to test |  Globe:  Minus signThis matchup can’t be matched | C’s eager for test |  MWDN:  Renewal of acquaintances |   South Coast Today:  Lakers return shouldn’t be the last |  Patriot Ledger:  Celtics just worry about themselves |  Press Enterprise:  Will LA grab another Gasol?


5 Responses

  1. I’m with you John-defense has been their staple and it will be a difference-maker tonight. Gasol has had a few god games of late, (granted vs Knicks and Raptors) but with KG fully rested now and hopefully 100% healthy, he will be a huge presence down low. I also think bench play will be huge. When Bryant is sitting, T.A., E.House and company need to keep the buckets coming. It will be fun, that much I know! I bet the Beat L.A. chants will start long before tip-off….

  2. Very cool guys…I can’t wait for the game…I think you’ll take this one, less because of the Bynum injury, more because your hot, motivated and we’ve had a busy road week, playing in Toronto last night…etc…not an excuse, just an observation/statement…relax…

    Go Lakers

    …ahhhh…to hell with that…fresh legs or no legs…
    Lakers 104 Celtics 103…Kobe hits 50+

  3. I’ll beSection 137… Rockin the Beat LA shirt under the “No Kobe” shirt.

    Last time the Lakers entered the Garden… we all remember what happened. Let’s make it happen again tonight.

  4. Some bad memorys for me.
    I lost a lot of money on the 88 finals worst ever officiating after one game red stormed the refs locker room it was terrible.
    And the what ifs if len had lived if reggie had lived what if red hadnt pissed of bird when he signed dominique.
    Im living for today though bird couldnt win two in a row though i bealive hes the last guy to lead his team to 4 straight finals.

  5. I watched Lakeview Terrace the other day. In the second scene of the movie Samuel Jackson makes his son take off the Kobe jesey he’s wearing. He tells him “We don’t advertise that guy”. Classic.

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