KG is Playing

Sasha Vujacic

We know the Lakers and their fans have been praying for KG’s flu to linger, but Garnett will play tonight (via the Globe):

Kevin Garnett joined his Celtic teammates at this morning’s shootaround for the first time since last Friday’s visit to Detroit and is expected to return to the starting lineup against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight.

But coach Doc Rivers expects Garnett to be going at less than full speed, at least until he recovers from the effects of the flu.

“It’s easy to feel good at shootaround,” Rivers said. “But when you are running up and down the floor, when you haven’t done it, it’s a different ballgame.”

Garnett missed wins against Minnesota (109-101) and Philadelphia (100-99).

“We need (Garnett) every game, we barely won those games without him,” Celtic center Kendrick Perkins said. “What he brings to the table, a lot of guys feed off. We need ‘Ticket.’ “

Scal is still out with post-concussion issues and J.R. Giddens was sent back to the D-Leauge, according to WEEI.

For anyone who cares (Jester), the Celtics are 5.5 point favorites. And yes, we will be hosting a live blog.


25 Responses

  1. How does this site have more people saying the Lakers will win on the poll? Are these Lakers fans or just Celtic fans who lack confidence? This baffles me. Hopefully more people will weigh in before the day is done.

  2. Hell yea. Finally a live blog I’ll be awake for. Let’s do this!

  3. Can’t wait for it :D

  4. Matty, you had to assume that all of the trolls would be on the site the second they woke up this morning. Thank god they arent posting yet.

    I have all my Celtic Green ready to go out here in LA. I cant wait for the first Laker fan to open their mouth at the bar.

  5. Mike O. Way to show the Celtic love!

    I am also surprised there hasn’t been more trash talking. Perhaps because they lost Bynum they are nervous that they can’t take us.

  6. Maybe people are voting with the point spread in mind?!

  7. Celtics in a blowout….even without Scal

  8. No real Laker fan would EVER want to face a less than 100% Celtic team…regardless of our circumstances…

    Go Lakers

  9. Well Inferno, regardless of fan feelings the Celtics DO face a less than 100% Laker team tonight. Should they forfeit and reschedule for sometime in April?

  10. I’ve run out of words for tonight’s game.


    “LETS GET IT ON!!!!”

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!

  11. as a Lakers fan, i do not see the point in complaining about Bynum’s absence. it is blatantly obvious we will miss him, but it is not going to accomplish anything by complaining about him being out. regardless i feel like the game is going to be exciting, and hopefully no one gets hurt during the game so that neither side can say “what if?” as many other Laker fans seem to forget, this is still a regular season game. sure it can have a playoff atmosphere, and of course both teams should be striving to make a statement. however the winner of this game is not immediately crowned world champion. with that being said best of luck to both sides and last but not least…

  12. Not sure what prompted the defensive comment davecowens…I was simply responding to the post claim that “We know that the Lakers and their fans…praying…flu to linger…but KG will play…”

    I never implied C’s want a less than full Laker team…I was only defending the point that thiss post in inaccurate…

    We relish the chance to beat a full Celtic squad.

    Go Lakers

  13. The game will be fun, exciting, etc. But it doesn’t really matter… just 1/82nd of the year. It’ll be Celtics-Spurs in the finals anyway.

    MikeO – you too are a Celtics fan living in LA? I thought I was the only one :) Better bring body armor…..

  14. 7 pt favorites now.

    Cs by double digits

  15. I’d rather we were the underdogs. Crowd is too often wrong, like last year.

  16. Priceless Picture John.

    In the words of FSantos and JTB:

    Let’s Get It On

  17. Go Green!!!!

  18. I’m a lakers fan, but I fear without Bynum we won’t have what it takes. With Bynum u guys can’t score in the pair as much .Rondo just ran into the wall that
    is called bynumite.I’ll give u guys this one unless Kobe goes for 61 again.Go LAkers!

  19. We need to keep our starters from playing too many minutes in the first half. Our bench will be important in this game. KG will especially need to be spelled often. Powe and Davis need to play at top level. Wonder if POB will get his 5 minutes tonight?

  20. What a great pic! A perfect caption would be “Vujabitch!” Should be alot of fun. I’ll be heading out to the game soon. Any RedsArmy supporters who want to hang-out, harass Lakers’ fans and just have a blast, come down to Section 13 row B. RedsArmy will be representin’ down there! GO GREEN-BANNER18!!!

  21. I seriously doubt we will be seeing POB tonight unless there is some serious foul trouble. I know Doc will try to play it off as “just another game” but you know they want this win bad which means will most likely mean a tighter rotation.

  22. Don’t be too sad Lakeshow, Bynum made it all the way through January this year. Couple more years and he could play a whole season if he doesn’t run out of cartlidge first.

  23. yeah i was actually praying that he would play for tonite, so when the lakers win we have bragging rights x2

  24. Celtics/Spurs in the finals? Yeah right… and Miley Cyrus is a virgin.

  25. All Bynum’s injury proves is that we have the better team. Our guys do not go around getting seriously injured every year

    We won last year with KG out for a long time too

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